Albania Sends Rona Nishliu and “Suus” to Eurovision

  Albania – Rona Nishliu has just won the Albanian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with her ballad “Suus“. She got 12 points from 5 of the judges, the other two awarded her 10 and 7 points. She was thus the runaway winner of the 50th edition of Festivali i Kenges and will be the 10th Albanian entrant at a Eurovision Song Contest. She also won the award for the best interpretation. Elton Deda  came second to Rona with his song Kristal.

Nishliu is a Kosovo-Albanian singer and radio presenter. At age thirteen Rona and her family moved from the norther parts of Mitrovica to the now capital of Kosovo Prishtina. She officially began singing in 2004 when she entered the Albanian version of Pop Idol. Rona managed to place in the top 5. She has then worked on Radio Blue Sky in Prishtina as a radio presenter. Thus Kosovo will participate a bit in Eurovision as well.

Here is her performance of Suus in the semi-final:


34 comments on “Albania Sends Rona Nishliu and “Suus” to Eurovision

  1. I have got my first 12/12 song for ESC 2012. Considering that there are years where I do not have a single 12/12 song, I already love ESC 2012.

    • yes, esc 2012 has a masterpiece! that’s a relief! I feel like I did with Estonia 2010: one song is just so incredibily above everyone else it just has to win its NF. Before Eesti laul 2010 and FiK-50 I never thought Malcolm and Rona would win but they did anyway. Wow!

      Best Albanian esc song ever, by far. And considering the chances of having other great songs, it’s quite very likely a top 5 from me. The Balkans will be very strong this year.

      Now we have to wait for a 3-mins long version of “Suus” but wow!

  2. Useally my favourite never wins their NF however this time she did1 Well done Rona – My first 12pts (and Switzerland are 8pts) – WOW!

  3. ok… I think it got it a bit more in the reprise… Not a 12/12 for me but still great… I bought her emotions today as well!

    PS: I’m happy for you two! Nothings better than when your favourite entry wins!

  4. Well done, Albania. FiK 50 had a below average bunch of songs and they chose the best one by far. Congratulations, Rona. I also think that Albania 12 is the best ever Albanian entry. It’s my new nº1 and will probably continue to be it for a long time.

  5. 12/12 for me too.
    Albania, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.

  6. I really wonder how this song is supposed to work in 3 minutes…. I hope it stays in Albanian!

  7. Such a fantastic song and a very deserving winner tonight.
    I just hope that they just leave this song in Albanian and don’t try to change it around so much because it doesn’t need it.
    Its a 12/12 from me too.

  8. i’m not completely convinced but I’m sure it will grow on me. I do agree though that it should stay in Albanian.

  9. What a powerful song!! I am not very much into ballads, but this one is special.. Congrats Rona and best of luck to Albania!

  10. My favourite!! Perfect!
    Albania will be probably my #1 for second time!

    I hope it stays in albanian.



  12. Albania’s first enty was great but this is just awful. Albania did not make E.S.C. final last year and will not be in the final in 2012. Very disapointing.

    • It is the other way round imo. Albania’s first entry was eurotrash (that’s the reason it did so well, there was nothing Albanian about it …) but everything they have sent since was decent or good … with the exception of Kejsi’s uber-tacky act of course.

      • I agree, though the 2005, 2007 & 2011 performances were all very bad ; the songs were ok-ish but I wasn’t thrilled by them… I really hate Albania in 2004 and 2009 too… So in the end, I really like 2006, 2008 and 2010 where Albania is 10th, 11th and 13th and quite likely to be in top 5 in 2012 with this jewel!

  13. Rona has a powerful voice ,a fantastic performance and really this song is full of emotions ;

  14. Switzerlands song ain’t that good but at the moment it’s Switzerland 1st Albania 2nd , the highest positions that they will be and by time E.S.C is with us I think they both will be in my bottom 5.

  15. i nearly fell asleep, how dull and boring is that song and her vocie is so annoying :(

  16. So it’s Rona – “Suus”… well, I’m not surprised and not impressed at all. To be honest I’m really angry cause my favourite song got a big fat zero… :S

  17. I’m Albanian and I wasn’t impressed, she tackles notes she can’t sing properly… She is halfway between screaming and crying. It would be a great song if she didn’t try so hard. I think the jury needs to be thrown out, they did the same thing last year. Profesional Jury, my back foot! Bribed Jury maybe… I’m so saddened that my country sends people like this to Eurovision, when there are much more talented and awesome people in Albania/Kosova…

    People like: Alban Skenderaj, Elvana Gjata, Argjentina Ramosaj, Xhoi, Poni, Shpat Deda, Genc Salihu, Morena Dyli, Supernova, Qëndresa Millaku, Alban Nimani (Asgjë sikur dielli), Grupi NA, Grupi Burn, Hermes, Besa Kokëdhima, Tristeria, Elsa Lila, Jericho, Troja, Zig Zag Orchestra etc. pp.



    • She can’t sing properly? Are you deaf? All the singers that you mentioned aren’t in Rona’s level, not all of them but Argjentina Ramosaj Elvana Besa ect., they are beautiful and hot but they can’t never ever sing this song.

      Rona is talented and has studied music, there are only few other singers in her level in Albania all the others wish they could sing like her.

      I give all my support to this beautiful song. Definitely a voice to impress.

  18. Finally a video of the FInal performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az7NlG0Iqxs
    I have to say I like this performance much more than the semi-final one, this time I really buy the emotions, and now that I know what the song is about (roughly) I have to say I get it! and like it a lot!

    I think when they have to cut it to 3 minutes and take out one screaming part, many people will see that it’s a good song… I hope they keep the part with the violins e.t.c, even if there isn’t any orchestra at ESC

  19. This one really isn’t my cup of tea. It’s way too dramatic for me and one moment she sings very quietly, the other moment she screams … I think i understand why you like it, but it’s just not for me. The only part i like from the song is the one with the violins.
    And honestly, i don’t think Albania will qualify in the final with this song.

  20. Knowing how people vote in Eurovision it has always been obvious that Albania doesn’t have a chance to win it. I mean it is all politics.
    This year I don’t expect this song to win, but I’m sure it is a song to remember. A voice like Rona’s is rare and also is a song like this. People might not like it because it isn’t a kind of gender that mostly of people listen, but it is a song that shows an emotion and you can feel it… at least I can.
    The best of luck Rona and Albania. Hope she can be in final.

  21. She can’t hit the high notes properly – sounds out of tune

  22. allbenija ishalla fiton kenje ze te mrekullushem

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