Eurovision 2012: Sietse Baker Reveals Details

  Eurovision 2012 – The event supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, Sietse Baker, has revealed some details about next year’s event in an interview with Azeri news agency APA. He revealed that the official list of participants will be revealed in early January by the EBU. Furthermore a final decision about the venue of next year’s contest will only be taken by the end of January. Three venues are still being discussed, which Baker calls “challenging” for the EBU.

He also addressed tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan saying that Armenia’s participation can still not be confirmed. “Despite the challenges of Azerbaijani-Armenian relations, the Eurovision spirit is high throughout the Caucasus,” he told the agency referring to the preparations in Azerbaijan and Armenia’s hosting of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year.  “It is our duty to keep the Eurovision Song Contest free from politics and bring people together, rather than focusing on what keeps them divided”. He confirms that Armenia has requested special security measures which are still being discussed.

Furthermore, Baker confirms that from 2013 on every broadcaster has to hold a national selection of some kind, giving the public the choice between at least 2 songs. ” We believe that when an artist is chosen to represent his or her country, he or she should have some form of public mandate through a democratic process”

Read the entire interview!

7 comments on “Eurovision 2012: Sietse Baker Reveals Details

  1. By reading all this, then you get an idea of how bad it is going, we normally always have the full list before New Year, but this time it is after New Year, which shows lack in the progress.
    You can also see that they say they have 3 places to be discussed, as I remember from the start, Azerbaijan was concern’d that they did not have any places, so obviously they dont know what they do.
    I’m sorry to say it, but Europe can expect a really bad contest in 2012, which such people taking this unseriously.
    I really hope that Armenia or Azerbaijan wont win in the next many years (not because I have a problem with the people), or else we are gonna see the same news again next time on of these countries win.
    This is so unprofessional by Azerbaijan, all these problems.


  3. WHAT! WHO IS SISTE BAKER TO SAY WHAT GOES ON IN OTHER PEOPLES COUNTRYS! im sure the UK wont like this if the public was allowed to vote on what they wanted we’d send a crappy. camp cheesy act becuase the only people that would vote would be the gay community of the UK! NO Uk should protest or withdraw he should have no right to say what goes on with our countrys selection process. BBC WITHDRAW IN PORTEST!

  4. 2013 UK TO WITHDRAW!

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