Spain: Pastora Soler to Present 3 Songs

  Spain – Today the Spanish national broadcaster TVE held a press conference to present the internally selected Spanish Eurovision participant Pastora Soler to the public. Soler will perform three songs in different styles in a televised show to be broadcast in February. The public and a jury of experts will choose the Spanish entry for Baku out of the three presented songs. TVE will not hold an open call for songs, Federico Llano, deputy director of RTVE festivals confirmed. “The entries will be written by authors Soler has already worked with as they know best what suits her voice,” he told the press.

Soler said she would not sing “flamenco or anything related to copla, a style that is not understood in the rest of Europe”. She would prefer a “pop song or a strong ballad”. The songs may be unpublished or from her latest album “Una mujer como yo” (A woman like me), which was released this October.

TVE has decided not to reveal other names of spanish artists that record labels had offered to the broadcaster. However,  TVE revealed that they are “pleased” with the level of submissions.

Soler told the reporters that “all has been fast, I’m very happy. It’s a big responsibility”. She also explained why she said no to Eurovision two months ago. According to her, she hadn’t evaluated  the pros and cons. “Now, I see Eurovision as a great opportunity to do what I love in front of millions of people”.

You can find a playlist of the songs from her latest album on YouTube.

Vote for your favourite from the album!

Source= TVE, thanks to Rubén Serrano Martinez Image Source

13 comments on “Spain: Pastora Soler to Present 3 Songs

  1. Soler said she would not sing “flamenco or anything related to copla, a style that is not understood in the rest of Europe”.

    So sad to read this, Spain was the only country with this singer that could save all 2012 for me :(

    • I agree but then I can understand her too. Flamenco singing isn’t that popular around Europe (just look at the Spanish results in 1983 and 1996) and Pastora probably doesn’t want to find herself on the wrong side of 20 at the end of the night.

      • I can only agree on 1983, 1996 was not really Flamenco.. at least not that Flamenco I know.. A good Flamenco can still reach good position, just she has to chose the right song

  2. I listened to the album a couple of times now and my favourite is A ti! I love the album by the way… No matter what song she chooses I think Spain will be high on my list..

    • I voted to Demasiado Amor, but I’ve listened to A Ti right now and it’s amazing! The song is very good and the lyrics is precious, I wish she’d sing this song or another one similar to this!

      She has said in an interview with eurovision-spain.com that she will ask for songs to Pablo Alborán, David Santisteban, Manuel Carrasco o David Demaría, great composers, so if she doesn’t sing a song from her album, at least this year there will be quality from Spain this (Thanks God!)

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