Spain: Pastora Soler Selected for Eurovision

Spain – Fans of Spain can cheer! After earlier reports of the country possibly dropping out of the contest due to the financial crisis in the country, TVE  has announced early this morning they’d reveal their candidate for Baku at 12 CET. The Spanish broadcaster kept its promise and announced during the ‘La Mañana de la Una” show that Pastora Soler will represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Pilar Sánchez Luque (born September 27, 1978 in Coria del Río, Seville), better known by her stage name Pastora Soler, is a Spanish singer/songwriter mainly known for her flamenco and pop repertoire which also earned her a Latino Grammy Award. She has released 11 albums to date, her most current one being ‘Una mujer como yo’ (2011).

At this stage, no song has been selected yet. This will happen at a later date, where the song will be chosen via televoting and a jury during a televised national final. Soler told reports though that she “won’t sing a copla at Eurovision“. She is thinking about entering either a pop song, strong ballad or mid-tempo song. She has apparently changed her mind concerning Eurovision as just a few months ago she claimed that Eurovision was not part of her plans and that she didn’t need it for her career.

UPD: The Spanish broadcaster TVE has told esctoday.com that a song selection will be broadcast in February. Soler may have refered to that when stating three possible music styles. She will probably perform three songs: One strong ballad, a pop song and a mid-tempo song.

Spain is the second country, after France, who’s announced their representative and is certain of a place in the grand final of the contest, as being part of the big five.

Here is one of Pastora Soler’s songs “Por Si Volvieras”

Image Source

ET: A big thanks to Dimitri for another great article and to Rubén Serrano Martinez for his research

20 comments on “Spain: Pastora Soler Selected for Eurovision

  1. Hello from Spain! first of all must said I liked the article but I found a little mistake. The name of the show is “La mañana de la 1”. Otherwise, congratulations! good job!

  2. She’s great =)
    Another year that I supoose Spain will be in my favourites!

  3. *suppose

  4. I’m happy with this choice. She has great live vocals and I love her powerful voice but personally I would rather prefer a strong ballad than a pop song… Hope for something good! Best of luck!

  5. she is definitely a great singer

  6. Spain is always one of my favourites in ESC, good luck from United Kingdom.

  7. She’s a great singer. I hope they’ll choose a song that will highlight her voice, a strong ballad maybe. :)

  8. I think I will love Spain this year… Finally they chose a good singer, now all they need is a great song… I’d like something like Molitva with Spanish ethnic elements

  9. She is among the better options that seemed realistic before the official announcement and I think that a strong ballad would be a good choice. Spain was pretty successful with power ballads in the 90s (91, 95, 97) and with Nina in 89. Since 2000 they have mainly sent dance songs in different styles and quality and failed miserably. Daniel Diges had a ballad too and got Spain’s best result since 2004. Buena suerte España!

    • But you don’t comment attitude this time..she doesn’t sound happy with esc st all..
      When somebody say smth we can read in this article with enthusiasm = 0, I can’t expect much tbh..
      This concept of pop, strong ballad and mid tempo smells G:son for Spsin, to me

      • I am not happy with ESC either … at least when we talk results / qualification to the final. She is an established artist and a fantastic live singer and that alone is a good sign imo because Spain has mainly sent amateurs in the last years. I love her coplas btw. :)

  10. Boa sorte, Espanha!

  11. Bring flamenco to EST stages, pls Espana, I beg you!!!!!

  12. ohhh I misss Andalucia!!!

  13. I have a feeling juries will love Spain… Me too!

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