Poland: EBU Tries to Convince TVP to Stay

Poland – The EBU doesn’t seem to let Poland go without a fight. The Polish national broadcaster had announced earlier through spokesperson Joanna Stempień-Rogalińska that they would not send an entry to Baku as they want to focus on the Euro 2012 Soccer Championship (to be held in Poland) and on the Olympics in London. According to eurocontest.cz, EBU officials are currently trying to convince Poland to stay in the contest. The country is the 8th most populous Eurovision participant and their withdrawal would thus jeopardize the contest’s lucrativeness.

Apparently the EBU offered TVP to support the organization and producing of Euro 2012, the Olympics and Eurovision related shows as well as proposing Poland a cut of their participation fee which may range from 30 to 80 thousand euros.

Meanwhile, Polish Eurovision fans have started a petition to persuade TVP not to withdraw.

Source= eurocontest.cz

24 comments on “Poland: EBU Tries to Convince TVP to Stay

  1. I don’t know… If this is actually true won’t other countries fake withdraw to pay less participation fees?

    • Good point and it does sound unfair, as if EBU doesn’t want other countries to stay as much as Poland. I do hope Poland will stay now though.

  2. We could implemet another EFSF for ESC …

  3. Wow…I know the EBU wants to break the record, but I thought they would try to get someone who hasn’t gone in a while to return not this

    I’m still doubting a Polish participation, but we’ll see

  4. I dont think they will stay however I do hope they stay becuase I fear they will be like Andorra or Czech Republic and never return (or for a very very long time) Lets hope they stay but I guess we cant be certian on anything until 31st December!

    Please stay Polska! :-)

  5. Hi guys, you have got a bad source. Eurosong.cz is a page of the Czech TV. This info is from eurocontest.cz

  6. It’s unfair in every way, other countries like Andorra, Monaco or Luxembourg would never get financial support

  7. FIFA footbol have much more money than EBU have for TVP, it is obviously seems

    • I think this is not true! the european broadcasting union is a way much old organization, and it involves almost 70 countries worldwide, can imagine the huge amount of money this allows? Sorry, but in my opinion EBU has much more to give for Poland and the rest of Europe!

  8. Nice, I think they will decide to participate after all… and then they will say they withdraw… and then they will confirm participation again… and so on :)

  9. Note! 23 Million jobs have been lost to the US music industry. The ESC is seen in many countries in Asia (China, India, Australia, Japan). It is not 125 million viewers, it billion (excluding the U.S. who do not like to see it that is diew culture of music in Europe).
    There are limits. How is France. 50% Of national production, 30% European production 20% oudsider productions).The US-Medies law prohibits to sell “Foreigners” songs and movies in the U.S. or to market. Should we be subject to the United States? We should allow further destroy our music culture.? I think no. We owe our children and coming Genarationen to us.. So Europe upper musical culture back to brinen Poland, again. Start of a new century of European music. 230million
    € take the musiccompany from Euro. Late the money in Europe. 250.000 Singer wait for a chance. Start up. Europe. Show the world oure muisc culture

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