Morocco: Return to Eurovision Still Possible

  Morocco – A few weeks ago we reported that “Morocco Never Intended to Return“, saying that the Moroccan national broadcaster SNRT has no intent of participating in Eurovision. While this has not changed, we forgot to mention that the other public channel 2M TV has applied for EBU membership as well (Apologies!) . 2M TV is known for challenging taboos by debating controversial issues and established  a reputation for itself as a symbol of freedom of speech in Morocco. The channel regularly broadcasts Western news, films, sports and music.

If the broadcaster is accepted as a full EBU member it is likely that they will consider participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. Bruno Berberès may have talked about 2M TV when he said in an interview this summer that Morocco was “likely to return”.

In 2011 the then Excecutive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest, Svante Stockselius had explained, that the rules had been changed. If a channel is in the process of becoming an EBU member, they can already apply for Eurovision even if they’re not a full member yet. The deadline to send in the needed application papers was the beginning of december. Due to this new rule 2M TV may have apply for Eurovision and in case their application to become an EBU member is accepted, could participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

21 comments on “Morocco: Return to Eurovision Still Possible

  1. so whatever let them join in whatever language; arabic, english: berber, french.. in whatever language i want them in ESC

    • I’m not sure… I think Eurovision may be a good force for free speech (and gay rights) in morocco… No idea whether they will be just another country that makes the Top 10 almost every year…

      • I dont care, all of them of them should have the free speech no matter the country… I am ready if they will participate whenever :)

  2. If they join … 12 pts from France every year, at least from televoting. I would love to have them back nevertheless.

  3. Morocco will only collect 12 pts from France if the song is french or arabic.. not for an english one i guess

  4. On the upside it will be another muslim country to steal points from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Germany, Netherlands, France etc and vice versa… Points will be a little more divided perhaps. I WANT THEM IN! I think it’d be great with another country that’s likely to sing in Arabic or French rather than always only English.

  5. This is not true my freinds becuase the applicants for participants has been deadlined ;ast week, no Morocco in 2012 – but I guess the EBU would let them in! :-)

  6. If they return, Morocco will give 12 points to Turkey every year :)

  7. OMG… If Morroco joins, they will be the new Turkey in terms of voting diaspora…¡¡¡

    France, Spain, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Israel, Albania, Bosnia and the entire Muslim comunity in Europe will give them unconditional support every year with high points if not get the 12 points for sure… THEY WILL HAVE EVERYTHING FOR BECOMING THE NEW POWERHOUSE IN EUROVISION…¡¡¡

    In other side, i love the Arabic music and i like to hear it someday in Eurovision.

  8. The best country in Eurovizion Song Contast is BULGARIA!

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