Belarus: 5 Artists Qualify for Eurofest Final

  Belarus – The semi-final of the Belarussian national selection just came to an end. The show saw 15 acts competing for 5 places in the national final on January 28. The 5 lucky qualifiers will be chosen by a 50/50 mixture of tele- and juryvotes. The qualifiers are the group Litesound, Gunesh, Uzari, Victoria Aleshko and Alena Lanskaya. However, this does not necessarily mean that one of the 5 songs will be Belarus’ Eurovision entry in 2012: A strange rule allows the artists to change the song completely for the national final. Here is the full result:


  • Victoria Aleshko – Dream
  • Litesound – We are the heroes
  • Uzari – The winner
  • Gunesh Abasova – And morning will come
  • Alena Lanskaya – All my life


  • Anna Blagova – You
  • German – Keep fight
  • Aura – Hands up
  • Aleksandra Gaiduk & Nataliya Baldina – Loveless
  • Anastasia Vinnikova – Shining in twilight
  • The Champions – It’s your time
  • Yan Zhenchak & Outerplain – A point of no return
  • Ekivoki – Number one
  • Nuteki – Superheroes
  • Thriller – Message to the world

Anastasiya Vinnikova (Eurovision 2011) will thus not represent Belarus for a second year in a row.

14 comments on “Belarus: 5 Artists Qualify for Eurofest Final

  1. For those who have missed the show. You can watch all live performances here:


  2. Now that I have watched songs 1-4 too, Aleksandra Gaiduk & Nataliya Baldina are first on my list. I love their song to bits. I admit that they wouldn’t have been the best choice for ESC though.

    You are welcome, ET.

  3. Good luck! and what are the chances of TVP staying? :-P

  4. I love Aleksandra Gaiduk & Nataliy Baldina too, but I’m so excited for Victoria Aleshko’s qualification. She’s still my top choice for Belarus.

  5. Only song i dont like from qualifiers is from Uzari… I love Superheroes and Loveless from non qualifiers and im so sad that they didnt pass… Also my favorite is Dream, i fell in love in that song same minute i heard it in prewiev video (the one with live snippets few weeks ago)… But im 99 % sure that Litesound will win-good song also, but i cant see it doing good in Baku…

  6. The vocals were above average and certainly much better than in the Swiss NF. There was much more professionalism. Vinnikova was off-putting as always; Gunesh was quite restrained and her English sounds better. I am very sorry for Aleksandra and Nataliya as are most of you. The stage was quite effective. All in all, Eurofest was actually agreeable to watch and to hear.

    On the trop 5 – there are two songs that stand out for different reasons: ‘We are the heroes’ and ‘Dream’. The first makes good use of a simple stage presentation, good vocals, urban look and sound. The latter makes good use of a baroque stage presentation, good vocals and a melodic ballad. I would like to see one of these two numbers winning Eurofest. I suspect Gunesh will be the one to beat (traditional yet boring song, fine vocals and a demure white dress).

  7. Too bad Anna Blagova and Thriller didn’t qualify, but at least Gunedh is there….i hope litesound won’t win..i hate them

  8. I’ve finished listening to all the songs and my favourites are Litesound and Aleksandra Gaiduk & Nataliya Baldina (such a shame that they didn’t qualify). I also think Anna Blagova should have qualified insteed of Gunesh or Alena Lanskaya.

    Here is my ranking of the qualifiers :

    1. Litesound – We are the heroes (they are by far the best imo and i really hope they’ll win)
    2. Victoria Aleshko – Dream
    3. Uzari – The winner
    4. Gunesh Abasova – And morning will come
    5. Alena Lanskaya – All my life

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