Rumors: Sergey Savin for Russia, Kostas Martakis for Greece, Marco Mengoni for Italy

  Rumors – At this early point of the Eurovision season, rumors are floating around like tourists in the Mediterranean at summer time: There are too many, some are pretty others not so much. Apart from the good old “Dima Bilan is returning” rumor, Russia has yet another rumor up its sleeve: X-Factor winner Sergey Savin is said to be in the running to represent the biggest competing country in Baku. His coach being diva Alla Pugatcheva, who represented Russia in Eurovision 1997, has fed the rumor mill. You can see two of his performances here and here!

The rumor in Greece is that Kostas Martakis who already tried to win the Greek ticket with his song Always and forever , plans to return to the Greek selection. Oikotimes reports, however, that ERT and Universal music have reached a deal that Universal pays for half of the Greek Eurovision participation, which would mean only Universal artists would be allowed to compete. Lot’s of chaos in Greece again and nothing factual yet.

Italy hasn’t even confirmed that it will participate in Baku again, but local star Marco Mengoni is allegedly entering San Remo this year and as he wants to expand his career would be happy about the extra exposure through Eurovision. Another rumor says Raphael Gualazzi will return to San Remo and may be chosen again.

I guess we have to do what we always do… wait and see (while heavily rumoring) and then be completely surprised that none of the rumors were true.

Source= ilkar.blogspot.com

13 comments on “Rumors: Sergey Savin for Russia, Kostas Martakis for Greece, Marco Mengoni for Italy

  1. Eleni Foureira is more possible to happen for Greece IMO, she is stronger rumor!

    Both are horrible, but will get very good results for Greece in ESC!

    I HATE Greece in ESC, I can’t describe how I hate it now days! PUKE!!! :(

  2. “Another rumor says Raphael Gualazzi will return to San Remo and may be chosen again.”

    This is also horrible rumor, WHY AGAIN a year after year?? That trend really sucks! It should be forbidden! Lena is guilty, Jedward, Anastasiys Vinnikova an now this Italian dude wanna come again next year!

  3. other rumors : Leona Lewis/Shayne Ward will represent the UK… Hahahaha lol :)

  4. I don’t believe Dima will. At least not yet. Sergey Savin seems alright so I wouldn’t mind him, but Russia must not have an internal choice. I want a NF from them!

    I think the rumours regarding Eleni and Kostas have already been put to rest. They’re not gonna happen. Especially Eleni. Both are horrible IMO.

    I don’t believe they’ll send Raphael to ESC again. I think Marco would be more likely or any of the others who’ll be in the newcomer group.

  5. Hello, we are a group of Italian eurofans, here in Italy nobody knows the esc, you can vote in our survey who would you like Italian singer ESC 2012? Here’s the site.

  6. In Spain is rumored that Chenoa could fly the spanish flag in Baku. Otherwise, before new year’s eve TVE will publish their plans to ESC 2012

  7. @ Laila

    i found in some site that Eleni will probably accept participation!

    And about Russia I wanna NF from them too! Because their NF was great last time, except winner..if they will have that crap winner again in NF then internal choice is better :P Don’t organize NF! lol

  8. In Serbia it is well known that Zeljko Joksimovic (he had 2nd place song few years ago “Lane moje”) will be our candidate. I’ll check out Savin, a X-factor winner should be interesting choice.

  9. I like Kostas and his songs! I hope he will represent Greece one day with a song like “Anatropi”. :)

  10. According to some ESC related sites from Denmark this is one of the finalist for DMGP 2012:

  11. Actually our public broadcaster EΡΤ-ERT was looking for a discographic company which will pay THE WHOLE MONEY of the national entry and only the Universal Greece agreed to that so the entries of the national final will be only Universal singers,basically there is a list of 10 artists,including groups and Kostas Martakis who are able to go…personally I prefer Despina Olympiou or George Sampanis…good luck to Greece anyway…Καλή επιτυχία στην Ελλάδα!!!

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