Poland: Withdrawal from Eurovision [UPD]

  Poland – The Polish national broadcaster TVP has apparently decided to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest. On their facebook profile, TVP announce that they won’t send an entry to Baku. One of the main reasons is the fact that one of the biggest television events in the world, the UEFA European Football Championship will be held in Poland (and Ukraine). TVP wants to focus on this major event. Since 2008 no Polish entry has made it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. This year Magdalena Tul came last in the semi-final in Düsseldorf.

Poland has only twice made it to the Top 10 of the Eurovision Song Contest: with their debut entry in 1994 (Edita Gorniak – 2nd) and in 2003 (IchTroje -7th). TVP has not clarified whether they are simply taking a pause or whether the withdrawal is permanent.

The withdrawal has not been confirmed officially by TVP.

UPDATE: TVP now announced on another facebook page that nothing has been decided!

Poland was the country with the 9th biggest population of all participating countries (after Big 5, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine) and its withdrawal is thus a big loss for the Eurovision Song Contest in terms of possible viewers!

14 comments on “Poland: Withdrawal from Eurovision [UPD]

  1. you meant top 10 and not “in the final” (95-99 and 01, 04 & 08 were all in the final too) it is important to note that Poland also came close in 2005 and 2006 finishing each time 11th

    • Which is a shame because I happened to really like both Poland 2005 and Poland 2006.

      As for the news of Poland’s withdrawal, I am saddened to hear of this. I never like hearing about a country leaving Eurovision. I hope they return for the 2013 contest.

  2. Together with Cyprus Poland was my favourite ESC ccountry in the 2nd half of the 90s (I love their 95, 96, 97 and 99 songs …) but since then it was pretty much downhill all the time imo (with the exception of 04 and 05 when they sent the last entries I liked). With ‘Jestem’ they finally hit rock bottom: mediocre song, messy performance and abysmal live vocals … all in all an act that couldn’t even be saved by the fact that it was sung in one of my favourite languages. :( Magdalena Tul shouldn’t have come last though, that place should have been reserved for Emmy … but since neither the world in general nor ESC are fair, Emmy almost reached the final for a very simple reason: She represented Armenia whereas Magdalena flew the Polish flag. Irrespective of what I personally think of the Polish ESC entries of the last couple of years, it is always sad to learn that a country withdraws and I won’t give up hope until we get an official statement from TVP. Please stay Poland!

  3. I liked their entries in 2006 and 2010, and Poland is generally a little underrated in Eurovision… I understand why they want to withdraw and, considering their poor results, I don’t really blame them.
    Still hope they return next year.

  4. If it’s true then come back soon. :(

    Will the final list of participants be revealed this month or next?

  5. Wonderful news out of Europe and Poland ‘returned to the communist period when he could not participate, in Italy, Poland and outside. The past returns
    The last day of year 2011 we know all the complete list

  6. I always liked the Polish entries, so it’s a pitty.
    But the thing with the viewers I don’t understand, just because
    they withdraw it doesn’t mean they won’t broadcast it, right?

  7. i hope Slovakia wont withdraw from esc this year…i like slovakian entrant/song, Kristina Pelakova – horehronie….i miss slovakian folklore song…

  8. In the past few years (or maybe not so few) they sent entries that didn’t stand a chance. It’s a big country and certainly they have a lot of talent (Chopin doesn’t count though), but they just don’t care. Azerbaijan, being a small country, desperately wanted to win, so they sent their best singers and chose the best songs for them. If Poles would do the same, we would see the Eurovision in Warsaw within this decade!

  9. I dont remember any song that I really loved from Poland, so this saddens me also just like their wish to withdraw. I am a bit indifferent to this news..

  10. Some fans aren’t going down without a fight, I saw that they’re not only asking TVP to enter but asking them to change their attitude and the way they run things. :O I found some harsh comments that called the station on their facebook Telewizija (nie)Polska – Television (not)Poland. Ouch. :P

  11. If you want to see Poland on Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, please sing the petition here:
    Than you so much!

  12. http://www.facebook.com/PolskaWeurowizji2013 Join if you want them back for 2013! (they will not take part otherwise…)

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