Eurovision Advent Calendar: Favourite Last Place

  Eurovision Advent Calendar – 08 days until Christmas – Day 16 of our challenge – Granted, this is not your traditional Advent Calendar, but it will fulfil it’s purpose: Giving us something to discuss until Christmas Eve (and until the real beginning of the national final season in January). The idea is old and simple: Every day you have to find a Eurovision song according to a certain category. It’s a challenge for me and for you, our readers! We continue today with this question: What is your favourite entry that came last at a Eurovision Song Contest?

Please tell us your personal “favourite” in the comment section below! If your choice is quite exotic a YouTube link to the song will certainly be appreciated by other readers ;)

Here we go:

Very easy! Quite often the entries in last place are actually pretty bad and deserve their placing. There is one song where it is an absolute mystery for me why it came last and that the great and energetic “Tora Zo” by Elipa. I love the chorus.. Maybe Europe was just not ready for it! Here is my favourite last place:


Elpida – Tora Zo (Cyprus 1986)

Looking forward to your choices and comments!


Image: allthingschristmas.com

32 comments on “Eurovision Advent Calendar: Favourite Last Place

  1. Spain 1983

  2. switzerland 2011 that song should not of come last

  3. In this order:

    1. Germany 2005 – Gracia Baur – “Run and hide”
    2. Ireland 2007 – Dervish – “They can’t stop the spring”
    3. Germany 1995 – Stone &Stone – “Verliebt in Ditch”
    4. Switzerland 1998 – Gunvor – Lass ihn”
    5. Lithuania 1994 – Ovidijus Vysnieuskas – “Lopsine mylami”

    • I agree with 2,3, and 4… I completely disagree with 1) but that may be because of the whole story ^^ Never liked the song either though…

      • Okay…

        Do we count all, Poland, the UK and Germany as the last in 2008 or not? Because they all had 14 points, but I think lately they introduced the rule that who has more 12s that one is better…then 10s, 8s etc.. so we should only count the UK from that year!
        I ask that because I ADORE “Disappear’ and “For life’!

  4. Plus that was the first time AMAZING Ireland comes last in ESC! And with tht awesome entry! pfff… :( :( I ADORE Ireland both as a country and in ESC! :)

  5. 1. Andorra 2006 (Last place in the semi-final of such a weak year? NO!)
    2. Spain 1983 (It’s beautiful. What an undeserved last place.)
    3. San Marino 2008 (Dark? Check. Mysterious. Check. It looks like a great year for… What country is this from again? San Marino? Oh, well, then it has to come in last.)
    4. Germany 1995 (Beautiful song! I love it.)
    5. Switzerland 2011 (At least it made finals.)

  6. My Favorites are:
    Jestem-Magdalena Tul (Poland)
    Complice-Miodio (SanMarino)
    Aisha-What For? (Latvia)
    Probka-Intars Busulis (Latvia)
    Malá Dáma-Kábat (Czech Republic)

  7. My favourite last place is from ESC 2008, when were actualy 3 countries on the last place, Germany, Poland and UK. I liked 2 pf them, Poland and UK, but my fav is Poland : Isis Gee – For Life. :)
    Both Poland and UK were so underrated that year, imo.

  8. Portugal 1997 is the one for me. I consider ESC 97 to be a strong contest, but even so, Celia’s song was totally overlooked IMO. A very undeserved ‘nul points’ as well.

    Others that I think should have done MUCH better:
    Germany 1995
    Spain 1999
    Denmark 2002
    Malta 2006 (guilty pleasure)
    San Marino 2008
    United Kingdom 2008
    Switzerland 2011 (Not sure if it counts though, because it was a qualifier)

  9. Germany 1964, Spain 1983 and Portugal 1997. :(

  10. Ireland 2007 and San Marino 2008

  11. Switzerland 2011, Anna Rossinelli-“In Love For A While” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxLE5FmNJow&ob=av3n
    Last place in the final sounds quite pessimistic but it is only a formality for such a sunny song.

  12. Ireland 2007. Why Europe would neglect such a beautiful song and reward a stupid entry like “Lipstick” instead is beyond me.

  13. San Marino 2008
    Finland 2009
    Switzerland 2011

  14. Turkey 1975, excellent song that I have as Turkey’s best ever song.

  15. Omg, I love so many songs that finished last (actually more than the winners for me)…

    Norway 1974 and 1976
    Spain 1983
    Turkey 1987
    Belgium 1993 :(
    Germany 1995
    Finland 1996
    Portugal 1997 :(
    Denmark 2002
    Poland 2008 and 2011


  17. Anna Rossinelli – In love for a while…that song was good, classy and I really don’t understand why it was the last…sometimes I find myself going like “I love everything about you…” or “na na na na na…” :))

  18. Germany 1964, 1965, 1974
    Switzerland 1964, 2011
    Finland 1963
    Norway 1974, 1976
    Sweden 1963, 1977
    Belgium 1973, 1979
    Malta 1971, 1972
    Monaco 1966
    Spain 1965
    The Netherlands 1962, 1963
    Poland 2011

  19. Turkey 1975 and San Marino 2008

  20. Finland 2009! Loved that song, thought it would be top 5 for sure…

  21. Top 5
    1. Aurinko laskee länteen (Finland 1965) My favourite from that year
    2. Antes do adeus (Portugal 1997)
    3. Quién maneja mi barca? (Spain 1983)
    4. Kun kello käy (Finland 1968)
    5. Katinka (Netherlands 1962) :P

    Other songs I enjoy is Portugal 1974, Turkey 1975 and 1987, Cyprus 1986 and Norway 1978 (a true classic).

  22. Stay (Norway 2012)

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