Bosnia-Herzegovina: Maya Sar to Eurovision

  Bosnia-Herzegovia – The Bosnian national broadcaster BHRT has revealed in an official press release that the singer Maya Sar will fly the Balkan countries’ flag at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. Sar will perform an own composition which will be revealed early next year on BHRT. Maya Sar is the stage name of Maja Sarihodžić, who is no stranger to the Eurovision stage as she has been a backing singer for Deen in 2004 and for Dino Merlin this year in Düsseldorf.

Maya Sar is a songwriter, composer and singer which works with the biggest names from the Balkan region. For many years she has been a member of Dino Merlin’s band.

She is the founder of the regional humanitarian project in the fight against cervical cancer Moj je život moja pjesma (My Life Is My Song) and the composer and songwriter of the eponymous song. For this, she received the Gold plaque of the great human heart by the International League of Humanists (Dr. Elisabeth Rehn)

With the first self-composed single Nespretno (Awkwardly) Maya Sar achieved remarkable success. Furthermore, she composes for other artists in the family studio Long Play with her husband and producer Mahir Sarihodžić and she is currently in the process of finishing her first solo album.

Here is the broadcaster’s statement:

The Public Broadcaster of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT), an active member of the EBU decided, based on the Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, to hire an artist that achieved significant results and success with it’s songwriter skills, wonderful voice and distinctive musical style, in Bosnia and Herzegovina aswell in the regional music scene

Here is her biggest hit “Nespretno”:


Source= eurovision.tv, BHRT, Image= arhiva.depo.ba

15 comments on “Bosnia-Herzegovina: Maya Sar to Eurovision

  1. Love her hit! And I think I will like the Bosnian entry!

  2. The only ex-yugo countries left without an artist are Croatia and Slovenia and it’s December ^^

  3. Wow, chances are very high that BiH will give us a great song again. I love ‘Nespretno’. Good luck!
    So far it looks as if I will love the Western Balkans this year. :)

    • Hopefully with Montenegro aswell! ;-)

      • As I said, I will keep an open mind and after all I love controversial stuff if it is well made. Both Silvia Night and Sébastien Tellier, who both had self-referential entries commenting on the flaws in your usual ESC fare, are in my ESC pantheon. :)

  4. Totally unknown in Serbia, and in other Ex Yugo countries so she won’t get many televoting points.. well OK we will steal all Bosnian points this year like they did to us last year! LOL :D I have checked her biography – she mostly worked with big singers from Serbia, Croatia and B&H as backing vocalist, she was in B&H team in 2004 when Deen took part, and last year as a Dino Merlin’s backing vocalist! I’m not impressed at all, it’s ordinary, but I hope I will like the song..and she is good live singer because she is educated singer..

  5. I was hoping for Hari Mata Hari, but any friend of Dino Merlin is a friend of mine ^^. She does seem quite promising

  6. Till now I rank chosen singers/songs like this:

    1. Macedonia – Kaliopi 10/10
    2. France – Anggun 7/10
    3. Cyprus – Ivi Adamou 7/10
    4. Belgium – Iris 6/10
    5. Switzerland – Sinplus – “Unbreakable” 4/10
    6. Montenegro – Rambo Amadeus 2/10
    7. Serbia – Zeljko Joksimovic 1/10
    8. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Maya Sar 1/10

  7. She seems to be a fine singer. Good luck Bosnia!

  8. Elle est tout a fait adorable.jaime sa voix ,elle chante tres bien!Bonne chance Bosnie Herzegovine!!

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