Serbia’s Joksimović: “The Song Will Be a Surprise”

  Serbia – Željko Joksimović, the Serbian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, has told our partners at ESC Serbia that we can expect “a lot of surprises from his song”. He didn’t reveal too many details as the song will be made public next month, but he announced that the song will have a special ingredient that will set it apart from other Eurovision entries. “I want to meet the expectations the public has, also when it comes to the lyrics of the song,” he told the website.

He previously had stated that his song would send a message of hope and optimism as the continent is in turmoil over the Euro zone debt crisis. Concerning Eurovision in general he said that it had its ups and downs in terms of quality but that it was a great stage to present yourself, your country and your cultural heritage. “Eurovision can serve as a mirror of your own country. Music is the most universal of all the arts and has the power to communicate a lot of different sentiments”, Joksimović says. His favourite Eurovision entry ever is Norway’s 1995 winner “Nocturne”


Source= ESC Serbia

14 comments on “Serbia’s Joksimović: “The Song Will Be a Surprise”

  1. i hope he will sing in English…

  2. A surprise!! whoaa I can’t wait :)

  3. I hope he will sing in English and that will be one of surprises!

    • I wouldn’t mind to hear Serbia with an English song for just one time.. but I would mind Serbia making music without balcanic tunes e.g Serbia 2011 vs 2010

  4. I really don’t hope he will sing in English. :( This whole news worries me. He mentions how ESC is great to show your culture, well language is a major part of that. Then he says music is universal, then there is no point for English. Singing in English would just make the song less special.

    I also hope it won’t be too up-tempo or too modern/mainstream pop or something. I want Balkan music from him!

  5. The best thing I remember from ESC 2008, when Goran Bregovic went on stage.. my best ESC experience ever!!

  6. Good luck to Serbia, you always send quality songs to Eurovision.

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