Montenegro: Rambo Amadeus to Eurovision

Montenegro – The Montenegrin national broadcaster has announced today that the singer Rambo Amadeus will represent the country at its return to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. Rambo Amadeus is the stage name of the Belgrade-based Montenegrin singer-songwriter Antonije Pušić, popular all over the former Yugoslavia. A self-titled “musician, poet, and media manipulator”, he continues to be one of the most interesting phenomena on the music scene(s) of the former Yugoslavia. The song has been written by Pešut Robert, alias Magnifico, a Slovenian composer.

The general director of the Montenegrin national broadcaster RTCG Rade Vojvodić said: “He isn’t a typical musician. He has qualities that make him unique. He is known all over former Yugoslavia and an ambassador for UNICEF. All this is a great recommendation for him, a chance for the promotion of all of Montenegro.”

Here is one of his hits:

Source= RTCG

52 comments on “Montenegro: Rambo Amadeus to Eurovision

  1. Yaay they return after all :D Are there any countries that took part last year and have withdrawn for next year? If not we might have a new record of particpating countries!

  2. The song posted here is not my cup of tea but I will keep an open mind. Good luck and welcome back! :)

  3. I can’t stand his songs, and I didn’t know that he’s from Montenegro..he is always in Serbia! LOL :D

    But really shit choice and non qualifier 100%!

  4. Montenegro, what!!!! I forgot all about this country, thank you reminding me.. as for the singer this video posted here doesnt sound promising to me..but we never know. I have to wait

  5. so it’s good promotion for Montenegro to send a Belgrad-based singer? I must have not understood all that splitting from Serbia thing then…

    anyway, i loved montenegro 2005 and their usual NF but 07, 08 and 09 while not awful were all an inch below average… i was glad they returned but this sounds like a Czech Republic 2009 coming our ways: i was wondering if one day we’d have an esc without joke entries, guess not

    montenegro you’re living in the old 00s ages, no joke entries has ever done right since Lithuania 06 you’re getting ready to be close to last, only saved by the televote of the two or three balkan countries in your semis, dead last with the juries…

    I went on youtube to hear other “songs”, it’s a pure disaster

  6. Maybe if we understood it it would be funny… Will be hard to get anywhere in ESC with this…

  7. And his songs are not joke songs, but for ppl who don’t understand languaege they can sound and look like that, anyway I dislike them..

    Was Sebastian Tellier from France qualty musician maybe? hahahaha

    • Yes, he is a singer I like very much and he was quite popular among the more avantgardistic segments of the clubbing crowd here in Germany too some years ago. A colleague of mine watched ESC for the first time ever because of Sébastien. He has never watched again since … LOL

      • Well I don’t think he’s that talented for singing! Or maybe he writes music, I dunno..

        Rambo Amadeus is not joke entry..if he is like Sekhmet Morgan says, then Teillier is as well.. sorry..

        • I cannot judge Rambo Amadeus yet because I have only listened to one song and as I have said, I will keep an open mind. And I will have to translate the lyrics and consult someone living on Balkans of course to understand what his stuff is about.

          • That is my point! Thumbs up!

            I have test in Spanish tomorrow and I still didn’t start learning!! :O :O AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

            • Thanks!
              I have just read the wikipedia article on Rambo Amadeus and was really impressed. He seems to be very well known and quite central to critical pop culture there. He has been around since the 80s too, and if the information is correct, he was the first Serbian / Montenegrin artist to give a concert in the Muslim part of Bosnia after the war. Thumbs up for that!

            • Yes everything is true, he can be OK, especially in combination with Magnifico from Slovenia who will be the composer…but I don’t like that kind of entries in ESC..which are critical to smth in covered ways and smth..

            • And Magnifico is the composer of Slovenia 2002 – Sestre “Samo ljubezen”

            • an that’s a song I absolutely detest (I once said “I can’t even tell what the melody is”)

              anyway, I understand the distinction between joke entries and political entries, or “alternative” entries like Tellier

              the problem is, both Tellier and Rambo will be SEEN as joke entries and it’s never gonna get anywhere, plus musically Tellier is miles better than Rambo imo. Love his music, all I heard from Rambo was very bad to my personal taste. So that’s what I fear: not my taste plus gonna be disliked by Europe for being a joke.

              it’s really noticable that a lot of serbians around the net dislike him and think ti’s bad news for Montenegro. So maybe he won’t even get that many televote from the balkans and I don’t see any other parts of Europe voting for it…

            • You know who are those Serbians you see, I will honestly tell you: Those who love Ani Lorak “Shady lady’, Hadise, Sirusho and Sakis Rouvas in ESC..and everything else which is different to those stuffs is shit for them! ;)

            • I don’t like “Samo ljubezen” much either but I do not agree on the melody issue. It is a terrible earworm imo. I have been humming it (cannot sing it because I do not know the lyrics) since my last ESC review …
              Btw, if I remember correctly, Shevek has Sestre in his top 5 for 2002.

            • LOL! I certainly hope they will come up with something better than “Samo ljubezen” :O

            • Laial

              I think you will like this song of Magnifico:

  8. I seriously dislike him… I think he is bad choice for Eurovision…

  9. This is about Robert Pesut (Magnifico)


    And this is his song:

  10. @ Morgan

    And I would like to remind you that songs in recent years from B&H and Serbia you adore are not very popular by ESC audience as well…fe in the UK nobody likes Lane moje, Oro, Lejla etc… and many ppl on internet speak they are bad and shitt them
    what does it mean, that they are bad!? You sometimes speak really strange, i can’t believe you base prediction on few comments from internet, just read about his career and see what projects he sis during his long career! And you say Europe will dislike, it’s not Europe but Eurovision audience, if you equal Europe and Eurovision audience then I rest m case, then no comment! :S

  11. @ Morgan

    And if you exclude diaspora points your beloved Laka will be very close to 0 points in ESC! ;0

    What does it mean, that he wasn’t good? ;) And Europe disliked him? ;)

    • Laka ? my god do you know ANYTHING from Eurovision? God sometimes you can be stupid : there are no better examples to PROVE the absolute opposite from what you’re saying: 5 from Germany, 2 from France, 10 from Norway, 1 from Czech Republic, 7 from the Netherlands, 2 from Ireland, 7 from Switzerland, 3 from Azerbaijan, 6 from Finland, 10 from Sxeden and 2 from Denmark, that’s 55pts that Laka would have gotten without the balkan vote, which is EXACTLY 50% of his total points (110pts) including the balkan. So yes, Laka would not have been in the top 10 without the balkan votes, but he cwould be very far from 0 and his top 10 result is due to being liked from BOTH the balkans and other parts of Europe, most remarkably the nordic countries who all REALLY liked him! Gosh, LEARN about EUROVISION before speaking

      • hahahahahahahhahahahahha you don’t know anything about Eurovision voting actually, and about European diaspora!! hahahahahah, I will fall from the chair laughing on your silly comment!

        hahahhaha I wrote diaspora! And it’s so clear that he will be close to 0 points without diaspora! :D :D

        If yoiu really think that Swedes gave him 0 points then you are not normal! hahahaha xD xD
        I have ben to sweden, veery weekend there are many clubs in many cities across Sweden where Bosnian singers have performances, for whom? For Swdes, of course it is for Bosnian diaspora! And you realy make fool of your self when say that Azerbaijan and Turkey like Laka..hahha, it’s only because he represented Bosnia which is Muslim country..if he represenetd France Turkey and Azerbaijan, and Albania would give him BIG FAT ZERO! hahaha xD
        Germany as well, he will get big fat 0 with diaspora in Germany!
        So please next time when you wanna justify your taste in ters of results in ESC please do it just a bit better! hahahahahah

        Nina from Serbia will be almost zero pointer without diaspora and neighbors..I’m from Serbia but I don’t hide that at all..

        • * I meant without diaspora in Germany

          • * in terms of result

            • You can clearly see that from points you have posted, the bigger diaspora —-> more points (Norway and Sweden have really huge Bosnian Muslim diaspora), Dino Merlin has stolen all our diaspora points from Sweden and Germany last year because nobody knows Nina in our diaspora but everybody know Dino, so Serbs in diaspora also voted Dino Merlin, instead of Nina.

  12. @ Laila

    Norwegian journalist and writer Åsne Seierstad writes about Rambo Amadeus in her book: “Portraits of Serbia” :D

    • I saw it on Wikipedia. He has a song where he’s sampled her speaking (swearing) and singinging in Norwegian. It’s funny, but ugly as a song. :P

      I don’t know why I didn’t remember him by the name, but not long ago I heard Magnifico songs on YouTube. I remembered when I opened your link and saw the videos. “Give me mani” lol. I can like some of his music then, so I am looking forward to see what will be of this Montenegrin entry.

  13. I don’t have much of an opinion on Rambo Amadeus yet. He kinda reminds me of a combination of Marko Kon and Sebastian Tellier, both of whom I liked. We’ll see. It’ll distinctly depend on his performance, I have a feeling. His songs seem to be the type that need a great performance to stand out.

  14. @ Sekhmet Morgan

    And don’t dare to call me stupid anymore! :@
    Idiot! (this is juts for telling me stupid)

    • So eye for an eye ey? …. My god please read this comment again and think about how illogical it is!!!
      Morgan shouldn’t have called you stupid but to call him idiot and make lot’s of “hahaha”s e.t.c is not better at all!
      You also could have said the thing about diaspora (which I agree with) in a normal and civilized way, without condacending laughs and language… That way your chances would also better to convince him!

      Just saw this movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ggo8yVG94I Fits perfecly I think ^^

      • Thumbs up for that. I think that Marko is right. If we substract the FYR countries, points from Muslim brethren Turkey (they only gave 6 to Laka, the lowest score ever since 2004. They must have really hated that song over there … and believe me that they did. I lived in Turkey for a couple of years and BiH 2008 is the embodiment of what the Turkish do not like in music …) and points from countries with a significant BiH diaspora (NO, SE, CH etc.), Laka would have got only 16 or 23 points (I am not sure about the 7 from the NL who gave points to BIH every year 2004 to 2008 too). However, the way Marko’s comments were phrased makes it pretty hard to take his side, even if I agree with his interpretation of the points for BiH 2008.

        Personally, I like that song very much. :)

      • But I was really laughing at his comment a lot..so why to lue in message, I can’t cry on it if I laugh in reality..lol and he called me stupid before I laughed anf much before I called him idiot..yes of course eyeto eye, ehy I should tolerate somebody over there call me like that, so moderator you can provoke me eith your messages as much as you want! Kiss! ;-) :-)

        • I’m not trying to provoke at all… You must agree that if you don’t want to be called stupid it is not very wise to call the other “Idiot”… I think that is just common sense..

          • Sorry “dear” moderatot,but Marko was very nice to everybody for a way too long tima and concluded in the end that doesn’t go anywhere..so eye for eye is the best option..maybe you live perfect life in a pink bubble, but Marko doesn’t, so lieve him alone..and banhim if words he uses to protect himself are not alowed in your site! ;-) :-)

  15. And even if he didn’t get diaspora votes (it is clear to retarded persons in hospital that he got btw), 55 points is very poor, Lucia Perez got 50 points! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :D :D
    And you named 1 countries he got points from, these 11 countries don’t make Europe..

  16. bye bye miss montenegro…you will get a chance for next year again! :)

  17. OMG!!!Montenegro, is it really your choice???

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