Switzerland: Sinplus Optimistic for Baku

Sinplus for SwitzerlandSwitzerland – Last night the Swiss national final was held in Kreuzlingen and the newcomer band Sinplus won the ticket to Baku. The brothers Ivan and Gabriel were completely surprised about their win. Whether competitor Lys Assia referred to them when calling the contest “Tonk Tonk Tonk” is not clear, but nothing could have clouded their enthusiasm anyway.  “We didn’t expect to go to Baku! We did believe in our song, but it is simply an amazing surprise,” Ivan told SF “Unbelievable! We’ll need time to realize it,” his brother Gabriel added.  When asked whether the song would stand a chance at Eurovision Gabriel said: “Yeah I think so… It’s a good song.. I don’t know, but I hope the song will find fans in Europe. On the Internet there are already a lot of Eastern Europeans who like the song.”

And why did the Swiss televoter choose the song as their favourite? “We have a fresh, rocky song… Unbreakable.. this message is right for Switzerland and for Europe! It’s a positive message and maybe that’s why they chose it.” They feel no pressure yet as  “[They] got time to prepare [themselves]selves” They seemed very enthusiastic during the interview and revealed at the end : “We’ll do a big party and travel back to the Tessin in our bus with our fans. They all came here with us. We will make stops in Zürich, Luzern and Lucarno” So parts of Switzerland might not have gotten a lot of sleep.

See our Artist Page of the Swiss Entry!

14 comments on “Switzerland: Sinplus Optimistic for Baku

  1. that’s a HOT picture of them for sure, now there’s another reason why they were chosen :p

  2. You know, I have this strange feeling, that if Eurovision was held just right now, they would win!

  3. “On the Internet there are already a lot of Eastern Europeans who like the song.”

    Gosh! Western Europe has really become obsessed with the East in ESC. The old ‘what the East doesn’t like, won’t stand a chance’ myth … LOL
    Lena won with very little support from the East although she was very successful on its fringes (the Baltic states which are very close to Scandinavia where she scored a strike) and the Western Balkans.
    Anyway, instead of counting YT ratings originating from East of Nova Gorica, I suggest to practice live singing and hire an English language coach.

    Good luck!

  4. Not sure about this one Switzerland, reminds me a little of Turkey 2008 and didnt like that one either. Shame I would love to see Switzerland win in 2012.

  5. modern, fresh, different .. the best Swiss song in years!!! i just LOVE IT!

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