Switzerland: Frustrated Lys Assia Criticizes Judges, Voting Mode

Switzerland – Last night the Swiss national final was held in Kreuzlingen and the newcomer band Sinplus won the ticket to Baku. Lys Assia, the first Eurovision winner in 1956, failed to get enough televotes and only came 8th. She seemed quite frustrated at the after show party when she was interviewed by SF and found lot’s of reasons for her failure, including the judges and the tide of time. “I feel sorry for the composer and lyricist, because it really is a good song and they put a lot of work into it, especially Mister Siegel… one can’t really imagine it.”

She especially criticized the behaviour of the judges. “What has most disappointed me is that a jury can behave so uncoughly. They were cheeky enough to suggest the familiar form of address (Du in German) to me on stage. I have been on stage for 70 years and that worldwide and he allows himself to suggest the familiar form of address… what was I supposed to do? I was so shocked I couldn’t even react. And then he said this thing about coffee (Stämper had said her song might be better suited for a coffee tour or cruise for old people) That’s impudent, unacceptable!” 

She apparently  still thinks the public loves her as years ago. “You have seen, the public would have chosen me in the arena. That’s completely clear,” she told SF. Asked why she didn’t win the televote then, she said:  “In any case it is not positive… First of all you can’t insult me like this as an artist and Secondly, one can’t dismiss the song like that…I mean, it’s a very nice chanson! It is clear that faster songs dominate, ok that’s the trend, but it still is a nice chanson.. and it is supposed to be a chanson festival not a Tonk Tonk Tonk festival. One cannot forget that I don’t have a group behind me that vote hundreds of times. That’s the problem! My audience is also older people, they don’t have internet and all that”. Her song writer Ralph Siegel has reportedly stormed out of the arena after the Top 3 were announced. Before the national final he had told media that he believes Assia had a chance of coming Top 3 in the Eurovision final in Baku.

Image= © Lys Assia; Source= SF Interviews

52 thoughts on “Switzerland: Frustrated Lys Assia Criticizes Judges, Voting Mode

    • yeah, that’s not classy at all anymore (and we doubt her first ever victory, but then still, eurovision built knowing that she was the first winner ever)

      she knew what she risked getting in the competition, losing, and that happened, know when to bow gracefully

      based on only the audience in the arena, Sinplus were by far the most cheered for. True she got a standing ovation, but for 56 not for 2011

  1. Well, when you enter a competition with a dozen of more other artists, chances are you won’t win. If you can’t cope with not winning, best not to enter. Let’s be honest, she wouldn’t do well in Baku anyway. Her rant does seem a little impetuous.

    • The jury was a bit tough on her, but that’s how it is nowadays… The only thing that really makes my footnails crawl is that she actually thinks she would have won in the hall… Illusions

      • i don’t think they were that tough on her; considering what they said to Raphael for instance, they were just doing what they were paid to do, say whatever they had in their minds… they did congratulate her longly for being the first winner… now the French guy maybe didn’t speak THAT good German to be entirely formal and meant no harm in using the “Du” form… as for saying her song was for hot coffee, hell that’s what I thought too

        Let’s face it, that song would have sounded really old fashioned in esc in the 70s already… don’t live in the past. I dont mind old winners entering but with actual modern songs. Lys in a disco-pop would have been awesome. Niamh, Charlotte or Chiara too came back with songs from the 90s. Come on, deal with it. Either you live in your glorious past, either you modernize yourself and stick to the new fashions

  2. That is so typical Lys Assia … blaming everyone else … but as always there is a kernel of truth too. Those experts started by being very polite but then went on to being rude and finally outright mocking and condescending.
    I think that this is mainly the result of the hybrid format they used. Either you go for an idol show including juries or you organise a National Final (including established artists) without any jury. How can anyone expect established artists to participate in a NF when they might face rude comments by an uncouth jury that doesn’t even consist of well-known music experts?
    Anyway, how absurd is that? Cutting down the songs to 2 minutes in order to make room for completely superfluous comments?
    Probably the worst preselection format ever imo.

    • I didnt see it like that. I don’t speak German but based on what you told us last night, I thought they were harsher on singers like Raphael or Atomic Angels than her. The jury did save us from having Lys Assia in Baku by saying what had to be said: that song was really old fashioned for esc. I agree about the hybrid format and the 2 minutes, Switzerland really did annoy me on that, but I was glad for the results (the jury was for Ivo and Chiara, who came second and third, Sinplus just won fair and square the televote)

      • I did not have the time to translate the comments in detail or to even try reproducing the tone of several comments in English. But the 2nd and the 3rd expert behaved in a terribly rude, condescending and mocking way towards Lys Assia. Yes, most of what they said was corrcect but then both you and me earn our money be explaining to other people that they way in which sth is said (or written) is as important as what is said. And when the French Swiss guy stood up in honour of Lys Assia … that was pure arrogance and piss-take.
        Those guys (n° 2 and 3) obviously enjoyed humiliating Lys in public, and I do not think that behaviour acceptable. I certainly hope that someone does it to them once they are 80+!

  3. heh, when I first saw the jury I wondered how those guys would judge someone who has more experience in music, and is old enough to be their grandmother. I guess I got my answer :)

  4. I seriously haven’t liked Switzerland’s format since last year when it was clear they just cheat and ignore votes etc. The dumbest format I have seen in a long time.

    Anyway, Lys should act more classy than this. Her arrogance and diva attitude isn’t very likable, but at least she’s right about the judges being rude. I don’t see what’s rude about saying “du” though.

    • That is because it is normal in Scandinavia. In the German speaking countries, and in particular in Austria and Switzerland, offering the ‘Du’ to someone who is older than you is little less than insult and humiliation. Cuultural difference. Didn’t you notice that Lys Assia looked really shocked when that guy did it?

      • Well I’ve never met a German person who was hung up on these things.
        So it would be rude of me to say “du hast….du bist” to you for instance? Then what the hell DO you say to older people if not “du”?

            • No, but I meant as a comparison to here. I suppose it is the same way, only here it’s not common anymore, but there it still is! Then I understand the issue better and why it was rude to Lys, lol.

            • You’re welcome. :)

              That is what I like about our virtual ESC community btw. I can always learn so much about other countries, things that are left out in formal education.

          • Hi Laila and Roselil, please explain me what are you talking about atm! :) About using of “You” for older pl…”Tu” and “Usted” in Spanish, about hat? :D

            • But our teacher taught us usted for older ppl and somebody we don’t know..I think it’s still in use.. it’s better to use like in English, the same word! lol

              In Serbian is “Ti” i “Vi”. In Hugary it’s very strict,,atm I’m reading a Hungarian book (it’s veery good) and in some families they still say “Usted” (in Hungarian of course, but i don’t know how it goes :P so I write in Spanish) to parents! :O

            • My grannies still said ‘Sie’ to each other too although they were very good friends, went on holiday together etc. But one granny was from the aristocracy and she wouldn’t have that nonsense of calling anyone ‘Du’ you met after you had turned 40. LOL

              On Spain: Yes, that is the rule but on all my travles in Spain since 2006, I have realised that people in hotels, restaurants, tourist informations etc. do not use ‘usted’ much anymore. They even used the ‘tu’ for my parents, who are 70 years old.

            • OMG you write like Lina from Cyprus – MarCo! :D :D I’m MarKo! :P

              Hi Jazmin!

              Have you read “The Book of Fathers” by Hungarian writer Miklos Vamos? It’s quite old, it’s from 2000 I think, but I’m reading it now..and I like it very much! :)

            • ‘Usted’ is also used in Romania for older people.
              In Romanian ‘tu’ is the same as in spanish – ‘tu’ and ‘usted’ is – ‘dumneavoastra’.

            • Thanks for infos!

              I have been to Timisoara and Arad in November, it’s not far from Belgrade, I can go there for a one day trip! :) I think it’s closer to Belgrade than to your town in Romania – Buzau! LOL :D
              But I’m not sure for Alba Iulia, is it closer to Buzau or Belgrade! i have been to Alba Iulia few years ago,. and I love it I wanna go there again! I would like to visit Cluj, Sibiu and Targu Mures, i have been to Sinaia, Brasov and Sigishoara, Iasi is great, but it’s almost in Moldova, it’s very far from me! lol :D I love cities in Romania!!

            • Your welcome ! :)

              Indeed, Timisoara and Arad are much closer to Belgrade than to Buzau. :P
              I think the distance from Alba Iulia to Belgrade it’s almost the same as from Alba Iulia to Buzau, maybe Alba Iulia is still a little closer to Belgrade than to Buzau, i’m not sure. :P
              I’ve also been to Brasov many times, it’s one of the nicest cities in Romania to visit in the winter times, because it’s a mountain city. :)

            • hi Marko-bello!!
              I dont know Spanish, and in English it doesnt exist.. in Danish if it helps you :) , it is “du” and “De”

            • @ Roselil

              I’m actually MarCo in Lina language, you are RosleliN, Toggie is Doggie, I don’t know about Laila, because I have never seen Lina writing anything to Laila ! :D :P

            • @Marko Bello was just my language, meaning Marko the handsome guy.. btw I should get used to Lina language hahaha :D

            • oohh I remember Laila, she once wrote Leila or smth like that and I remember that day I was reading all pages in that topic without finding any Leila :)

            • Hahahahahahahah I’d like to know! :D

              She’s not active very much for now, on esctoday! I hope she won’t leave it this season!

        • We say “Sie”.

          “Möchtest Du morgen vorbeikommen?” (= Do you want to drop by tomorrow?) for family / friends
          “Möchten Sie morgen vorbeikommen?” for everyone else.

          In internet communication “du” is perfectly fine though. :)

          But like Roselil has said, in particular when it comes to older people (let’s say 60+) you do not know personally, “Sie” is a necessary way of showing respect. Using “Du” would show bad manners and/or a lack of respect, like the Germans saying “Du” to all gastarbeiter in the 60s.

  5. But Morgan, Eurovisiontimes and otehrs..I have to say that she should criticize audience in that studio for sure and everybody normal should do it..that audience made fools of themselves as Shevek already said yesterday, they screamed like crazy monkeys in the jungle…and that jury, they really don’t look very good at all..who are they, can I get that information, I don’t think they are some respectful name in music! :S So eurovision times, this sentence of yours:

    “The jury was a bit tough on her, but that’s how it is nowadays…”

    is not at place at all…because it is not your beloved X factors where jurors make stupid and strict comments about participants just to make show of that, because ppl like to watch that when jurors criticize participants…

    But this should be good and respectful festival different to X factors etc.. because you have artists like Lys in it..not some kids who come on the stage for the first time…..This is NF festival…not Idol and some stupid talent show..and who are those horrible jurors, I bet they are NOBODY special!

  6. Because if they were some respectful ppl from music industry they will know and comment that Sinplus’ live vocals are FAAAAAR from perfect! Lys Assia is QUEEn of live singing comparing to Sinplus! Pffff…

  7. And Sinplus song outside of ESC would be one big rubbish tbh..but ESC standards are really low for all kind of music and also modern songs..so it’s for some ppl wow and great, but generally it’s s..e..sorry! :)

  8. haha – Lys shows the true color
    she is such a annoying person, i hope she will finally dissapear
    ESC is new and modern, and see still live in the 50´s

  9. The jury was really offensive and I can’t understand how the TV channels admit that behaviour. I know that the people who vote is young and they wouldn’t have voted for Lys Asia in case she had won, but she deserves the same respect than the other contestants and even more for being an experimented woman. May be she is now severe, and you say arrogant, but we have to understand her. What would you do if you were insulted on TV? We have to understand that.

    Love you Lys! And don’t get annoyed with that stuff. You tried and you got the pass for the national final. You have lived a lot and you shouldn’t keep resentment.

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