Bruno Berberès: End of Internal Selections in 2013

EBU – The French head of delegation and member of the reference group of the Eurovision Song Contest Bruno Berberès has revealed that from 2013 on selections that are entirely internal will be prohibited. He announced in the show Morandini of Direct 8, that the regulations of the Eurovision Song Contest would be changed for 2013. The public in each country must have at least the choice between two songs. The artist can still be chosen internally however, to ensure that big names like Patricia Kaas, Zeljko Joksimovic are not deterred from participation due to fear of losing in a national final.

Berbes also said that it would thus be the last year France would choose its entry internally. Fans had hoped that at least a song selection for Anggun would be televised. Berbes said the entry will be revealed in about 4 weeks time.

Source= eurovision-spain.com

21 comments on “Bruno Berberès: End of Internal Selections in 2013

  1. We can say godbye to San Marino, Slovakia, Russia and more then :-{ damm 2013 will be a record low!!!

    • I don’t think so… I mean two songs for an artist and they don’t need to produce a show… They can probably have a vote on the internet or during a radio show… I’m not too worried…

      • Yes! But remember he also said that Macaroco would return! lol

        • Yeah I know… but this time I think it’s pretty probable… A German delegation memeber has said similar things before this year’s contest… I think in the long run it will add to the popularity of the contest…

          Maybe Blue would have had a better song than this year…

          I think what they want is that every country is behind their entry as Germany in 2010 for example…

    • Russia usually has a national final.

  2. meh… my favourite song in 2011 (Bosnia) was selected internally… I guess it would have won even if there was a national final, but I still think this is not a good idea

  3. UHmm , my fav songs Hungary and UK in ESC 2011 was selected internally..both are nice songs for me..I think NF or a show like Unser Star Fur ( Germany national Selection ) will spend much time..and sometimes NF show could become an unfair competition ( Melodivestifalen 2010, danny should have won, Spain NF Carol Segovia she was the best contestant i think)..
    I think EBU must reconsider again..

  4. Internal selection is a cop out (sort of at least) used by many to avoid the hassle of organizing some kind of NF. There have been some great songs chosen this way, but I do agree that the viewers should get more involved along with a panel of jurors. Moreover, I strongy support rules that ask for local composers and writers, making the obvious exceptions in the case of microstates.

    • Way off topic: Janela ESC (a very good Brazilian site) has publised an article about Eesti Laul 12. That site is always very well informed.

  5. i dont think this is a good idea :( im from the uk and im scared the bbc might go back to the national final’s were the public decide the singer and song and we will end up sending some silly song like scooch in 2007…… this year was the first time ever the bbc picked both artist and song and IMO blue’s song was the best uk entry in years. im looking forward to see who the bbc pick for 2012 if the rummers are true it could be geri halliwell :)

  6. Most sensible fans are against it… NF often bring out the most clichéd and mainstream. It could be ok for internally artists to go with two songs, one upbeat one slow for esc, but i bet almost always the upbeat one would win, making it close to impossible to have a ballad for esc (for instance, if Kaas had done it, “Kabaret” would have been chosen instead)

    I am in favor of internally chosen because it’s where they dare making risks (Tellier would never have reached esc in a French NF; our worst results 98-00 came from NF, wheras Natasha and Sandrine were chosen internally)

    • 2011: Austria, Finland, Lithuania, (Ukraine, Slovenia)
      2010: Ireland, Russia, Latvia, Malta, Israel, Sweden, Georgia, Cyprus, Croatia

      They all were ballads and won their national final (song selection) and my favourite ballad in the last couple of year’s Yohanna also did… And I don’t think a song a bit faster would not have been bad for La Kaas and she would still have been amazingly classy…

      • exactly, 3 or 5 out of 42 is not quite a lot… I am not in favor of ballads per se, and agree that Patricia SHOULD HAVE sent “Kabaret” lol but I’m saying it’s a risk

        I really think that internal selection is where you take risks, where you put the keys in the hands of big artists. MF has never chosen rightfully. The amazing singers and entries, BWO, Caroline and Salem all ended up runner ups. The mainstream always wins in the end.

        • Morgan, a TV station can choose one singer/band and have him/her/them sing a few songs, thus opening the door for less conventional stuff and allowing the viewers to have their say.

  7. In my opinion this can be seen as either a good or bad thing depending on how a selection is made after the rule is introduced.If i were in charge of selecting an artist and song then i would choose the artist internally and then have a call for songs. then have an NF with the internally chosen artist and a number of different songs which have been chosen and leave the public to make their choice from the songs.

  8. Yaaay good decision, BUT only if NFs won’t be like in Serbia, one singer, 3 songs..it sucks badly..but horrible rts will do it, I’m sure.. :(

  9. To me the most important thing about Eurovision is finding new talent and so, obligatory national finals is a good thing.

  10. not very big changes.. why these changes at all???

  11. how is san marino supposed to do a national final? with an audience of 10 people and maybe 20 phone calls??

    • Andorra had a very cosy national final with 3 participants in 2009. It was held in a hotel bar and everyone had the same backing dancers. It is one of my most cherished ESC memories … :)

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