Morocco Never Intended to Return

  Morocco – Much has been written about a possible return of Morocco to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, after the head of the French delegation Bruno Berbes had called a return of the Arabic nation “very likely”. Now Fatima El Moumen the head of international relations at the national broadcaster SNRT told Esckaz.com: “I have never heard of any intent of SNRT to participate in the contest.” At the meeting of the EBU that was recently held in Genf, the channel simply extended its membership in the EBU for another two years.

After the Arab spring and Berbes’ suggestions many fans had hope for a return of Morocco which has participated in the contest once in 1980 with Samira Bensaid. After the “national shame” of only coming second to last, the Moroccan king Hassan II. decided that his country would no longer participate in the contest.

Tunisia has announced that it will work more closely together with the EBU after dictator Ben Ali lost his power. However, a participation at the Eurovision Song Contest is not envisaged at all. None of the Northern African and Middle Eastern nations that are part of the EBU and thus eligible to enter the Eurovision Song Contest have thus announced any interest to debut at the contest.

Thus this may be the only Arabic entry at a Eurovision Song Contest for quite a while:

Sources: ESCkaz with eurofire

24 comments on “Morocco Never Intended to Return

  1. “national shame” !!!! it’s an European shame!! I really like this song

  2. I never believed the rumours for a single second but it is a pity that they won’t return. That 8/12 based on one song only ruins my statistics. LOL

    • lol yeah me too, so annoying

    • I am a bit indirefferent to Morocco whether they should return or not!! When I was in Morocco in 2010 I said to myself, no these crazy people shouldnt join ESC at all! btw there are many crazy countries out there, so why not!!! (shame on me)

      But I really want a country like Lebanon to join, that could be a new Azerbaijan-Armenia thing in esctoday topics I guess :)

  3. I just hope that Lebanon will change its mind and change the rules or participate when Israel doesn’t…

  4. Such a shame! I would have loved an Afracian entry in ESC this year! ;-{

  5. i wanna listen one ESC entrant sing in arabian language next year….

  6. Hmm I knew it it was so obvious… lol :D

    btw I ADORE this Kaliopi’s song from 2011, and video is AMAZING, it was filmed in geomorphologic locality called Kuklica in Eastern Macedonia!! I have been there and I love it! :-**
    I hope her ESC entry will be similar! :)

    • That place remindes me of Les Orgues near Ille-sur-Têt with the exception that Les Orgues are white. Looks as if the clip was sponsored by Peugeot btw.

      • You can go there..it’s connected with asphalt road and it’s not far from the main road Skopje – Sofia!! :) Yeah I know you need the time for Croatian seaside.. :D I always prefer smth more interesting and less famous and I prefer continental part to seaside..but you like different, so I always forget! hehe :) And I know for example when you talks about holiday later everybody would like to listen about Croatian seaside than about some completely unknown places like that.. :D

        • I love historic architecture and there is a lot in that department on the Croatian coast. I will have to go there out of the season though because places like Trogir and Dubrovnik will be terribly crowded in July and August.
          And what are you talking about? Yes, I like the seaside … but then I love everything else too, mountains, forests, meadows, hills … When I travelled through Spain and Portugal last year, I saw the seaside for the first time after three weeks when I finally got to Lisbon. All in all, I spent 5 days at the seaside in 6 weeks. LOL

  7. Imagine Cher Lloyd represents the UK in Eurovision LOL that would be so cool and AMAZING! :D

  8. It was too good to be true, but I do hope they will return one day.

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