Italy: Participation in Baku Very Likely

Italy – Last year there was some fantastic news that Italy would be returning to the contest after 13 years of absence. However, this year’s participation has been under concern because of various reasons including financial problems and poor ratings of last year’s contest. According to EscToday the Italian national broadcaster RAI have announced that they are likely to participate in Baku.

If they do confirm their particpition in the contest, they will  probably use the popular SanRemo festival to determined their entry for Baku. The final of San Remo will be held on February 18. Italian fans have waited for a long 7 months for the confirmation of their country and now it seems that a participation is quite likely. We should officially know the whole list of participants for the contest later this month, when the EBU reveals the official participants.

This year Italy returned to the contest which this jazz piece:

Who could be the perfect candidate for Italy in 2012?

16 comments on “Italy: Participation in Baku Very Likely

  1. Hmmmmm..OK.. if they stay it’s OK, if they withdraw still OK!

    I care for Poland more! I hope Poland confirms soon!

  2. I really hope they can make it and I can’t wait to hear what songs will be performed in Sanremo.

    • You can follow Sanremo with or without ESC, so why you care that much!? I used to watch Sanremo live on my telly for years! You can watch if you have that channel..or easily you can follow via internet and live streaming.. In the end they don’t choose Sanremo winer for ESC, but second class…young sanremo winner…pfff.they don’t pay a shite to ESC, so I don’t see the reason you all (you included) are “begging on your knees” for Italy in ESC! Pffffff…:S

      • I guess it’s one of those days again….

        • What, are you insane..It wasn’t special day at all..i just pointed out that it looks ridiculous when normal person see several ppl on certain sites writing all the time comments like this:

          “I hope Italy returns” and put sad smileyes :( :( :(

          If they don’t return and decide not to participate it’sd retarded to beg them on internet sites! Gosh! :S

          All these sites are not only for “pandering” other members all the time, but about conversation in a different way you used on!

          • So do not dare to call me mentally ill in covered way any more! Clear?

            • And I know why you are telling me this! Because in another article I pointed out that you wrote name of the ESC winner wrong, because you did it, it’s not Maria, but Marija…you didn’t answer me on that and you didn’t correct the mistake..you are just vain.

            • I didn’t see that comment… I will change the name immediately.. I can’t read all the comments that are made here… You used words like “shite” again and you know very well that this is not the kind of language that should be used in a normal conversation. and the “Pfffs” seem condacending.. maybe I interpret that in a wrong way .. When did I EVER call you mentally ill (Quite funny as you call me insane in your comment ^^)? Why are you so angry again? You are always on the edge… And this is my last comment about this.. I’m not gonna let you ruin my day!

            • I’m not angry at all…

            • I asked are you insane..and you told that it’s one of those days..and we know what does it mean..so don’t provoke me rude person! :( And so what if I used that word..I didn’t call anybody here bad names..if you need to censure it, just do it…

  3. very likely means.. yes and no :)

  4. That’s very good, i hope they’ll participate and they should considering their 2nd place this year.

  5. hi!esc italian entry 2012 is best mtv act 2010 MARCO MENGONI.Belive me !tHE Sanremo jury choose he at 99%.(because not can choose ex-singers by talent show Amici and private tv Canale5!

  6. ..Raphael Gualazzi going to Sanremo 2012…….Gualazzi going also to Baku 2012?

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