Eurovision Advent Calendar: Your Favourite Winner

  Eurovision Advent Calendar – 19 days until Christmas – Day 6 of our challenge – Granted, this is not your traditional Advent Calendar, but it will fulfil it’s purpose: Giving us something to discuss until Christmas Eve (and until the real beginning of the national final season in January). The idea is old and simple: Every day you have to find a Eurovision song according to a certain category. It’s a challenge for me and for you, our readers! We continue today with this question: Which is your favourite winner?

Please tell us your personal “favourite” in the comment section below! If your choice is quite exotic a YouTube link to the song will certainly be appreciated by other readers ;)

Here we go:

My favourite winner was 1977: France with Marie Myriam for years, closely followed by Israel’s Milk and Honey with Hallelujah. Until that evening in 2007 when a ballad in Serbian won, sung with so much power and emotion that I could not stop myself from voting for it! This is one of the few times that my favourite entry in a Eurovision Song Contest actually won. Here is my favourite winner:

Marija Serifovic – Molitva (Serbia 2007)

Looking forward to your choices and comments!

Image: allthingschristmas.com

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61 comments on “Eurovision Advent Calendar: Your Favourite Winner

  1. Farytale 2009

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