Latvia: All Participants of Eirodziesma 2012

  Latvia – The Latvian national broadcaster LTV has revealed the artists that will be participating in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 “Eirodziesma”. The 20 artists were allocated to two semi-finals from which 5 artists will proceed to the national final to be held on February 18. Apart from PeR, Miks Durkus and Trianas Parks, no artists known to Eurovision fans participate.

Here is the full list:

1st semi-final on January 7:

  • Atis Ievinš – Dancer
  • Nikolajs Puzikovs – Mīlestības nevar būt par daudz
  • Maia – No limits to dream
  • Samanta Tīna & Dāvids Kalandija – I want you back
  • Angelina & Alisa May – Rollin’ up
  • Laura Bicāne & Romāns Sladzis – Freakin’ out
  • Paula Dukure – Celebration
  • Andris Ābelīte – We can change the world
  • Rūta Dūduma – My world
  • PeR – Disco superfly


2nd semi-final on January 14

  • Miks Dukurs & NBC – Sweet for me
  • Valters Gleške & Lība Ēce – Better world
  • The 4 – Get it started
  • Anmary – Beautiful song
  • Paul Swan – Wanna be with you
  • Roberts Pētersons – She’s a queen
  • Samanta Tīna – For father
  • Elizabete Zagorska – You are a star
  • Mad Show Boys – Music thief
  • Triānas Parks – Stars are my family

You can listen to the songs here! and in our YouTube playlist

Source = eurovision.tv; Image=LTV

15 comments on “Latvia: All Participants of Eirodziesma 2012

  1. just went to listen to the songs i didnt take the time before

    very weak bunch of songs, and surely, knowing latvia, lots of terrible live performances await too

    my favorites would be: “Mīlestības nevar būt par daudz”, “Beautiful song” and “Stars are my family”

  2. I have just listened to the Latvian songs for the first time and the following will be my favourites if they are good live:

    Stars are my family, Mīlestības nevar būt par daudz, Dancer and Get It Started.

  3. I have been following this NF and I must say that I am very surprised to see one song making it this far: what the heck is Better world doing in the semis?! That said, there a few songs that I would like to single out in random order (I haven’t listened to the live performances yet):

    Dancer – this is a grower; it’s quite an elegant and unpretentious piece with a flowing melody.

    No limits to dream – I loved this one from the start. It’s enchanting, colourful and happy. I do hope that Maia is able to sing it live with a good stage presentation. Do not exaggerate, please.

    Disco Superfly – I liked it when I first heard it, then not so much, and now I like it again. LOL It’ll all depend on the live rendition.

    Freakin’ out – fresh melody, simple and effective orchestration.

    Milestibas nevar but par daudz – polished act, very straightforward, very ESC (there’s a key change ) and in Latvian. How will it sound live?

    Stars are my family – this is another grower. It’s not your usual ESC stuff, but I like the way the music flows and captures your attention.

    All in all, Latvia has a better bunch of songs in 2012 than in 2011, imo. Good luck.

  4. Finally I got listened to them all and here are the ones I like (in no order)

    “sweet for me”, ” Dancer”, “Beatiful song” and ” I want you back” (a grower)

    “Music Thief” is just for fun:)

  5. I was born in a distant 1980s
    The year when the Irish Johnny Logan won…

    Beautiful song is on the radio,
    is in the TV shows and so on and on
    beautiful song that everybody knows
    and everybody loves!! :D :)

    Anmary FTW!! Anmary for baku!! :-***

    And the day when Jagger Mick did call me
    I couldn’t talk cause I was really busy… :D

  6. @ Morgan

    But i didn’t ignore it, I have even sang it here! LOL :D

  7. Hmm, quite weak songs I have to say… My fav song in this bunch is “Beautiful song” for sure.
    So Anmary FTW! :D Well, the lyrics are lame, but at least in a funny way. :)
    Like these songs too: “Stars are my family” , “Celebration” , “Wanna be with you” and “My dream”… the rest is meh…

  8. “Music thief” is the best one, but there are other nice ones: “Disco superfly”, “Mīlestības nevar būt par daudz”, “No limits to dream”, “Beautiful song” and others. I hope at least this year my homeland will choose something decent.

  9. I heard the songs for the first time today!
    I like a lot:
    Paul Swan, Miks Dukurs & NBC, PeR, Anmary, Maia, Nikolajs Puzikovs, Triānas parks, Mad Show Boys

    So so:
    Laura & Romans, Angelina & Alisa May, Paula Dukure, Atis Ieviņš, Samanta Tīna, Roberts Pētersons, Andris Ābelīte

    Don’t like:
    Elizabete Zagorska, Rūta Dūduma, The 4 (bad copy of mr. saxobeat), Samanta Tīna & Dāvids Kalandija

    Impressive national final. I just hope they send a good song and please no “Get it started”

  10. Well – Beautifull Song and Music Thief – they will fight 4 a win.
    Puzikovs – what a freaking song – 4 old mammas maybe
    PeR – I dont like such style of music
    Elizabete Zagorska – not impressive
    Miks Dukurs – in Latvia maybe a good thing, in Europe not a chance
    Trianas Parks – they have much better songs in its compilation, so it is not the good one :(
    Get It Started – normal middle range pop song with quite good instrumental, but not so good vocal. Depends on how it will be in live performance.

    I don’t know Man where did U get it like a copy of Mr.Saxobeat? Just the sound of the saxophone, just the sound and that’s all, nothing more. Whith a such success U can name Davig Guetta as a copier, too or why anybody is not crying that Music Thief is Alexander Rybak No.2 ??? :)

    Hey latvians – don’t listen to us. We are haters and we allways want our national songs to win not yours :) Just send what you send

  11. Good luck, participants! ;)
    Btw, after I listen to (almost) all the songs, my favorites to win all in Semifinals 1. There are “Milestibas nevar but par daudz” and “We Can Change the World”. Great songs, and hope they can reach the Finals (or win, maybe?!).

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