Interview with Anggun: Bilingual Song and A Big Show for Eurovision

  France – Two days ago, Anggun was announced as the French representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. In an interview with nordéclair.fr she has now revealed interesting details about her song, how she was approached by France 3 and how her show on the Eurovision stage will be like. Here is the interview:


How did you react when they told you that you would represent France?

I was absolutely delighted. To be honest I knew about the news for some days already. This morning I returned from Indonesia where I did a concert. Hence I didn’t really have the “Eurovision perspective”. It was only when I got out of the plane – there were numerous journalists – that I really realized it. It’s a holy honor and a lot of pressure at the same time. I already feel it growing very slowly.

Did you hesitate before you accepted?

They talked to me about that for several years now. It was always a possibility. They asked me whether I would accept if the occasion presented itself. And I said “Of course! There no question about it!. It’s a privileged to represent the colors of a country and certainly this one. I am naturalized French for a decade now and I claim my French identity now. Representing this country through music is the best way to return the love that has already been given to me.

Do you consider yourself to be a face of crossbred France?

I effectively see myself like that.I am similar to many other French people who are multicultural. My parents are 100% Indonesian but I have the impression to be genetically modified. There is another “me” that imposes itself and that one is French. I am married to a French man and my daughter is French as well.

Read reactions of the French media, political parties and twitter on Anggun representing France!

What does this contest mean to you?

It’s a big party about music, an important meeting for many countries in Europe. There are after all hundreds of millions of viewers. Through the years one could see that it became a show in an American style (à l’américaine)

What are your memories of Eurovision?

As I didn’t grow up in France they are recent. I remember Nina Morato, Amina who almost won and more recently Sébastien Tellier, Patricia Kaas or Amaury Vassili last year. To succeed such artists is an immense honor.

Thirty-three years of famine for France and a disappointing placing at the last editions. Does that worry you?

I’m not there yet (laughs). The choice of the song will be very important. I want to do a great show, offer something dreamy. I would like to shine in everything, that means from the outfit to the song. One shouldn’t hold back for an occasion like this.

Will it be a song more in the style of your last pop album “Echos” or rather an R’n’B song like in your last work “Elevation”?

I have a quite neutral image in France. People never know in which drawer to put me. And I think that’s an advantage!. Through my artistic collaborations with Gérard Lenorman Zucchero, Peter Gabriel and the DJ Laurent Wolf I have shown,I think, that I am quite versatile. I have a quite changeable voice and at the same time it is very recognisable.

Have you already decided the language to sing in?

I would really like it if the song were in French and English. Most countries do not sing in their national language but in English. So why not perform a bilingual song? It’s a decision that will of course be taken in accordance with everyone, notably France Télévisions.

Do you go there to win it or for a good placing?

We secretly want to win, of course. We will have to tear everything up. (laughs)

Source: With kind permission of Patrice Demailly (original interviewer, nordéclair.fr)

31 comments on “Interview with Anggun: Bilingual Song and A Big Show for Eurovision

  1. “I remember Nina Morato, Amina who almost won and more recently Sébastien Tellier, Patricia Kaas or Amaury Vassili last year.”

    :) I loved Nina, Amina, Sébastien and Patricia too. They were all among the best French has sent since 1990. Just add Joëlle Ursull, Kali and Marie Line and my list of favourites is complete.

    Bonne chance and 100 % in French, please …

  2. I usually don’t like bilingual..I would like in English…and even I would prefer in French to bilingual (probably)..

  3. How I would like Poland to choose internal Kasia Cerekwicka who participated in Polish NF in 2006 with “Na kolana”, one of the best preselection songs ever ;-**

  4. not bad not bad (i didnt read thoroughly but im guessing this is a rough translation. she probably said “to follow such artists” and not “succeed” though in French “succéder” is confusing, etc.)

  5. it’s not all about the language but the song, so it can be French or English wont change big.. but for egoistic reason I want it to 100 % French :)

    A chanson like Anne Marie David’s “Je Suis l’Enfant-Soleil” would just be perfect for me.. I dont know if she is good at chansons like that

  6. In the future I want to see this girl representing France. Love this song!

  7. Maybe France can pick a song like this :

    what a wonderful voice!!!

  8. I think she better sing in french in stage. I prefer in french suitable with dark voice from. She can sing in english only for promotion such as clip. I saw already her new clip Only Love : very simple but sexi…

  9. trop tôt pour gagner ou discuss”ANGGUN
    lose”if juger si représentatifs ANGGUN
    mérité ou pas le français à l’événement?
    Bien sûr, la réponse est très Panta
    ANGGUN”have beaucoup de capitaux,
    bonne personnalité, humble, simple, caractère vocal et extraordinaire, Canti
    et exotique! La France a été ANGGUN
    ramasser brillante comme un candidat
    dans le cas de la ESC.

  10. yang pastinya Teteh Anggun Cs…………….Cantik…….

    Peace……………………! Teteh,,,,,,,,,

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