Czech Republic: No Return to Eurovision

  Czech Republic – The Czech Republic has taken its decision: The Central European country will not return to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Azerbaijan and will thus continue its absence for a third year in a row. The general director of the national broadcaster said that the channel has no intention of participating in the contest and would instead focus on other international television shows such as the BBC’s Downtown Abby.

The Czech Republic had made her debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 and has since become the least successful country in the contest. Their first entry coming last in the semi-final, the second entry in 2008 coming second to last and their to date last entry in 2009 coming last again in the semi-final. The Czech Republic had withdrawn due to the bad results and the generally low interest in the contest among the Czech public.

Source= Esctoday.com

4 comments on “Czech Republic: No Return to Eurovision

  1. Sad news – Also Dowton Abbey was on ITV! :-)

  2. I don’t care very much..they don’t want let them not participate! Pfff nothing special! I really dunno why ppl make panic when countries decide to stay or to leave the contest..

  3. Czech Republic has a poor result on ESC, so don’t return! If want to success on ESC, that country must have more, more and more pre-ESC contests.

  4. hah! a good thing to…this sharade is laughable anyway “EURO-vision” my ass, more like pro-Asia vision contest, why dont we throw China or Thailand on board…

    what a joke. countries like Georgia, Azerbaijan – are NOT in europe. Reasons? Different ethnicity, culture, and TOO FAR from the centre. Why is EVERYONE trying to become a european wanna-be, its ridiculous.

    I dont care what you armenians/georgians say, but ask anyone over here and they will tell you that you are in Western/Central Asia along with Kazakzstan, and close to Iran, Afghanistan etc.

    Russia is not european enough either – the president himself said “we will never be Europeans”.

    As for the czechs, they dont really care about this bullshit anyway, neither does UK as there are rumours that we too will withdraw from this crappy contest soon.

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