Monaco: Talks About a Return to Eurovision?

  Monaco – According to unconfirmed rumors that the Czech Eurovision website reports today, the national broadcaster of Monaco, TMC is in talks with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) about a possible return of the principality at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 to be held in Azerbaijan. Since its withdrawal in 2006 Monaco did not express or show a will to return to the contest. Monaco had been a part of the contest from 1959 to 1979 (winning in 1971) and from 2004 to 2006. In the 00s Monaco never managed to qualify to the final and withdraw in 2006 stating financial troubles as the trigger.


18 thoughts on “Monaco: Talks About a Return to Eurovision?

  1. Since their return in 2004 I only liked Lise Darly’s song but I love many of their old entries … Françoise Hardy in particular.
    And I want all countries to participate but I know that it will probably never happen. :(

  2. I would welcome Monaco’s return. As several of you, I also love several entries from this participant, the most recent being 2005.

  3. What’s up with Luxembourg? Some people have told me that they’re privatized and can’t be in it and others that it’s just a matter of money and/or interest.

        • We won’t get a new record imho. Andorra and Czech Rep. are already out, Luxemburg won’t return and I would be very surprised if Monaco decided to return. Nothing at all from Italy / San Marino yet … and as for rumours about a 2nd entry from Morocco. No way! After all Israel will be in Baku. And honestly, as long as Arab countries are not willing to share a stage with Israel in a peaceful song contest, I don’t want them in ESC either.

          For the rest I agree with Manuel.

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