Iceland: Changes to the National Final

IcelandESCNorge.com reports that the Icelandic broadcaster RUV has decided to change the selection method used for searching the representative for the island at the 57th Eurovision Song Contest. Previous news stated that only one final was going to be held, now RUV has added three semi-finals.

From each semi-final, with 5 participants each, two acts will qualify through televoting. After all three semi-finals, a professional jury will select two songs out of all the non-qualifiers to join the televoting winners in the final, which will see 8 songs battling for the victory.

Furthermore, it has also been confirmed that the final will take place on 11 February. The dates of the semi-finals were not announced, as Iceland tends to hold the final two weeks after the semis instead of one week.

Sjonni’s Friends represented Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf. The group made it through to the final, but only ended 20th there, with 61 points.

11 comments on “Iceland: Changes to the National Final

  1. Yaaayyy more songs from Iceland ^^ I hope they kept the rule of songs being in Icelandic!

  2. usually good indie songs are to be found there, thouhg i dont often like their choices for eurovision (often there was better to be found in their long NF except in 2008 with the fucking long NF that lead to Eurobandid’s logical and very expected victory, ironically)

  3. Hope for a great Icelandic song from them this year!!!

  4. Good news! The more, the merrier.
    Btw, there have been so many songs I love in the Icelandic NF (I can never remember that name …) over the years (‘Segdu mer’ in 2007, ‘Bigger Shoes’ in 2008, ‘Lygin ein’ and ‘Vórnott’ in 2009, ‘Komdu til mín á morgun’ in 2010 and ‘Elísabet’ in 2011 …) but they were never chosen.
    I hope that this trend will change this year. :)

  5. Last year I loved Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir – “Ástin mín eina”! It was MAGICAL! :)

    In 2008 I loved Kaja Halldórsdóttir – “Lygin ein”

    And in 2010 I loved their winning entry – Hera Bjork! I hope this year will win like that one! last year was HORRIBLE! :(

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