Slovakia: RTVS Sends Miro Šmajda to Eurovision 2012

  Slovakia – This hopefully puts an end to all the speculation about the Slovak participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012: The Slovak news site mediálne.sk reports today that RTVS has decided to enter the contest. Furthermore an artist has already been selected: The young rock/pop singer Miro Šmajda was selected internally to represent the Central European nation. He will perform in for Slovakia with his band under the name “my.Ro”

“For a long time we have considered this step (participating) and finding an agreement was hard to do,” Andrei Miklánek, program director of SVT told mediálne.sk. He adds that “Eurovision is an established format with high ratings” and that they are confident that Slovakia will reach the final this year.  “In this case, we would be really happy,” he said.

The head of SVT told the website that Miro Šmajda was a singer with “potential” and that they believe in his ability to “stick out from the other competitors”. Smajda already submitted a song to the internal selection of the Slovak broadcaster last year. He was born in 1988 in Košice and has come to fame in Slovakia and the Czech Republic through his participation in the 2009 CzechSlovak Idol, in which he placed second.

His debut album called “Čo sa týka lásky” was released in November 2010 and has produced three singles:  “Last forever” (the only English song of the album), “Baby” and “Pod vodou“. Miro has also become the lead vocalist of the new band “my.RO” (My Roadmates), which was founded in 2010 and since toured Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Apparently the entire band will represent Slovakia under the name “my.RO“. Most of the expenses of their participation will have to be paid for by themselves and their sponsors.

Details about the song selection have not been revealed however. Since its return in 2009 Slovakia has never managed to get passed the semi-final stage of the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year the Central European country was represented by TWiiNS, who came 13th with 48 points in the semi-final in Düsseldorf.

Listen to some of his songs:

Last Forever

Pod vodou:

Source= mediálne.sk (with eurocontest.cz)

19 comments on “Slovakia: RTVS Sends Miro Šmajda to Eurovision 2012

  1. I could only listen to one song here in Germany and his voice isn’t really my cup of tea. Anyway, I am very happy that Slovakia will be represented in Baku and hope for a song I like. :)

    • yeah I know… GEMA sucks ^^ I’m soo happy I’m currently in France. On YouTube here I feel as free as a bird in the winds of Burgundy ^^

      • Last year I went to Colmar for a weekend in order to check ESC-related stuff on youtube only … Well, I visited the Isenheimer Altar too … but still. It is absurd! :( GRRRRRR
        P.S. I am watching 1980 now (yes, the abysmal 80s have begun …) and it took me 10 minutes to find a YT clip of Belgium 1980 (!!!!!) I was allowed to watch. ‘Euro-vision’ wasn’t a worldwide hit exactly … LOL

  2. He seems way too teen rock for my taste. I don’t think I will like the song, but I just hope he surprises me

  3. well he’s really cute, and will probably have a harmless pop rock performed ok live so i can see Slovakia around the 20th place unless the song is really good surprisingly (in Slovakian it’s pretty ok anyway) or the performance really too teen typical… and well, we dont know yet the level of the rest of the songs but it’s a pretty decent entry coming our way if it’s confirmed, unlike last year’s disaster

  4. The two songs I could listen to were both harmless and okay. Neither really stood out as great or bad, and neither really made me want to listen to it again. That being said, I’ll just have to wait and see. He has the potential to bring Slovakia into the finals.

  5. It’s been confirmed, it’s on RTVS’ website now :)

  6. I dont know if he is the right choice for Slovakia… Although, Im so happy Slovakia will participate in 2012…

  7. Smajda Miro is a young promising singer

  8. Nothing special for me…and quite boring!

    I’d like if they could organize a big NF with many new songs like earlier, though their last year internal entry was AMAZING for me! :)

  9. I am glad to read this. As for Miro, I am going to wait for the song and its live rendition before saying anything else.

    P.S.: I must confess that when I first saw him, Juliana Pasha came to mind. They would love to meet and chat about surreal hairdos.

  10. Was able to log in. I was LuD by the way

  11. Nice hair! :D Its K-Pop meets Mullet hair! Oh wait…the artist! Yeah, he sounds good! Good strong vocals.

  12. I like him!

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