Switzerland: The Full National Final Line-Up

Switzerland – The Swiss national broadcaster SF has announced the last 5 qualifiers from the Internet selection. We hence now have the full line-up of the Swiss national final which will be held December 10 to determine the Swiss representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Yesterday SF had already revealed that the 1956 Eurovision winner Lys Assia had qualified to the final. A total of 14 songs will compete on December 10 in Kreuzlingen. 6 qualified from the Internet selection, 3 songs each were nominated by DRS3 (German) and RTS (French) respectively and 2 songs were added by RSI (Italian)

Here are all the entries of the Swiss national final:

  – Nominated by DRS3

Nominated by RTS  

Qualifiers from RSI’s regional final

   – Internet selection:

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39 comments on “Switzerland: The Full National Final Line-Up

  1. This is a very diverse bunch of songs which is a good thing imo but unfortunately, most of the Swiss finalists are just middling ones in their respective genres. There are two songs I really like and two songs I do not like at all.


    ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘L’autre’

    Don’t like:

    ‘Fragile’ – I simply detest pretentious and pompous popera stuff.

    ‘Peace and Freedom’ – There is only one thing worse than 4 mediocre tenors warbling a tacky tune … and that is cheesy peace lyrics ESC style. Yuck!

  2. Not very different at all from Togravus : “L’autre” is my big favorite and “Unbreakable” the one I can live with, as it’s good chorus with great looking singers, lol. My third, Macy’s “Shining” is the one I see winning this competition.

    • I agree that ‘Shining’ is the obvious winner here (catchy, not too demanding, slightly contemporary sound …) but my money is on Lys … :O
      I don’t know what it is like in France but in the German language parts of Europe there is a strong nostalgia for the good old days at the moment, a sort of longing for times when it was easier to understand and explain the world … Lys and her song fit this mood just perfectly. Well, we will know in less than a month. :) This is not the sound of financial markets running wild and political leaders being stumped, this is the sound of times when Europe rose again from the ruins WWII had caused … when answeres were obvious … when Europe had patriarchal political leaders (not that I am a fan of Adenauer & co but still …) … and when everyone felt like ‘Dad knows what is best for us all’ …

      • I agree that there’s this appeal but I don’t think it’ll be the majority of the votes. For instance, France went with Patricia Kaas, but wouldn’t have gone with Isabelle Aubret. People will find Lys charming but won’t vote for her imo.

        Anyway it’s a big joke and it would really bug me if she would win. The fact that there’s nothing better that fits musically our times is just sad. And that proves that Eurovision is an enclosed microcosm where you have a better chance to qualify if you had done it before and even won (Chiara, Niamh, Charlotte) than a true modern entry, regardless its eurovision-ness.

        But I admit I do not believe once bit. The more mainstream and cute is “Shining” and unless a big live makes a difference like Shevek said, it should quite easily actually win it

        • Well,you never know with national finals. Last year, Bernada Brunivic came 2nd in the Swiss NF, and dear Lys will find it pretty hard to be more old-fashioned that Bernarda … The Lithuanians chose the most old-fashioned song in their NF too …
          Anyway, I still hope for a miracle (= ‘L’autre’).

      • You two seem to be the only people who like “Shining” except for me!

    • Hello Sekhmet ! :)
      Nice to see you back here ! :)

  3. There’s one word that comes to mind after listening to the Swiss hopefuls: charming. This is a charming and quite harmless bunch, imo. There is not a single act that makes me think ‘this is it’. I am waiting for the live performances to change my mind, perhaps (Anna’s live vocals were very impressive last year).

    That said, these are my current favourites in random order: ‘L’ autre’, ‘Wrong to let you go’ and ‘Black Symphony’. I do not know who is going to win. I think that the safest bet is ‘Wrong to let you go’ and the bold one is ‘L’ autre’. Good luck.

  4. My rank (of songs i like):
    1. Sinplus – Unbreakable (Great, different song)
    2. Lys Assia – C etait ma vie (I love it, so simple, nostalgic, beautiful)
    3.Katerine St-Laurent – Wrong to let you go
    4.Ze Flying Zezettes Orchestra – Lautre
    5. Raphael- The song in my head
    6.Atomic Angels- Black simphony

    Others i dont like so much… It would be shame if some of songs from my list (1-4) do not win…
    Raphael Jeger, and Atomic Angels are ok imo, but not enough for first place in this selection…

  5. I dont know why my e-mail poped out,and can you please erase it E.T. (its me Xello-David)…
    Maybe because im using another computer…

  6. Maybe i just switched lines, omg this is so embarassing…

  7. Yes i switched them, because in my old pc, nothing writes down there so i assumed that first goes nick, then mail… Please delete it if you can…

  8. I think the better choise will be Patric Scott or Katherine St-Laurent. Guys forget Lys, this song is like an old song from sixties.

    You can listen all the 14 songs through this Youtube playlist:


  9. Unbreakable must go to Baku!

  10. I think Switzerland has a very good NF !
    Here is my top 5 :
    1. Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves – Real Love
    2. Katherine St-Laurent – Wrong To Let You Go
    3. Macy – Shining
    4. Sinplus – Unbreakable
    5. Raphael Jeger – The Song In My Head

    My guess is that either “Shining” or “Unbreakable” will win the NF.
    As for the participation of the first ESC winner, i think it’s unbelievable, it’s been 56 years since then :O . Lys Assia has a nice ballad, but it’s too old fashioned imo and i don’t see it winnig the NF.

  11. Y’know, there is a lot of average coming from the Swiss hopefuls.

    “L’autre” and “C’etait Ma Vie” are the only songs I particularly care for at this stage, but that can change when I listen to the songs live. Best of luck to all the finalists.

  12. The song which has better chance to win Eurovision is simply “reel love” !

    This song is just awsome !

  13. meh, there were some great songs in the internet selection, and none of them qualified… I guess my favourite in the final is Lys Assia’s song…
    anyway, nice to see this blog is up and running again :)

  14. Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves – “Real Love” FTW!!!!

  15. Lys Assia should have stayed out and remained a winning legend.I fear she may become a famous loser.

  16. This 88 year old lady has more guts than most ESC fans who fear for her … :)

  17. If Luxembourg had sent 2 jury members to yhe first contest and had not asked switzerland to provide 2 jury members to stand in for them may be lys assia would not have won?

  18. I’ve voted for Chiara Dubey, I know that she has no chance to win.. but the song is really cute

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