Bulgaria: Two National Final Entries Leak

  Bulgaria – ESCdaily.com reports that it has reliable sources which are stating that two songs that can be found on YouTube are entries to the Bulgarian national final.

The first song is called “Keep Me Down” and performed by Svetlio Hristov, who has participated in the US version of X-Factor. In Bulgaria he has participated in the shows Music Academy and 5 Stars.

The second entry is interpreted by jazz singer Tzvetelina Chendova and called “Missis Wizard“. Chendova has participated in a number of jazz festivals and has collaborated with a number of popular Bulgarian jazz artists.

These are their songs:

Svetlio Hristov – Keep Me Down

Tzvetelina Chendova – Missis Wizard

Source= escdaily.com

4 comments on “Bulgaria: Two National Final Entries Leak

  1. Bulgaria gave us a very interesting NF last year. I am very curious as to how next year’s NF is going to be like. One thing for sure, I like ‘Missis Wizzard’ and ‘Keep me down’ sounds more appealing that some of the stuff we’ve been hearing in the current season so far. I hope these songs are not disqualified or something along these lines.

    • Yeah and what happened last year to Bulgaria, almost the last in the semifinal!

      I like the first song here, but let’s be honest voice is totally autotuned, it will be horrible live!

      And second song is in Bulgarian language + plus jazz..the last in semifinal for sure! :!

  2. Those songs are both good. Well done!

    • I have toagree! I hope it’s true and they are not disqualified for being released too early!

      Missis Wizard is my favourite Jazz in Bulgarian is quite excotic… I hope the NF will keep the tradition of not letting chalga songs in (although that would probably boost its popularity among young peopel)

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