Asiavision: Off To a New Start

South Korea – For over 2 years news of the planning of an Asia-Pacific Song Contest have been spread by Eurovision newsites (including this one). The old project “Our Sound” by a private company was supposed to feature about 20 Asian countries and was planned for autumn last year. Our Sound never made it past the “project in the pipeline” phase and was cancelled. Now eurovision.tv reports that the Asian equivalent of the EBU, the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) is planning to hold a “television song festival” similar to the Eurovision Song Contest.

The blueprint of the competition was unveiled last night at the General Assembly of the ABU in New Delhi. It is supposed to be launched at next year’s General Assembly in Seoul, South Korea. Kenny Kihyung Bae, a senior producer of the South Korean broadcaster KBS will be responsible for the project. Bae is a Eurovision fan and is planning to attend the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku in order to “watch and learn”. He also said that the winner in Baku might be invited to perform at the Asian event. The name for the show has not been found yet, but Bae thinks “Asiavision Song Contest” may be a possible designation.

The ABU is the biggest Broadcasting Union in the world and reaches over 3 billion people all over Asia. The ABU covers an area stretching from Turkeyin the west to Samoa in the east, and from Russia in the north to New Zealand in the south.

Let’s hope the dream of Asiavision becomes a reality this time!

Source= eurovision.tv

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26 comments on “Asiavision: Off To a New Start

  1. I will only believe that they really do it once I see and hear the first participant perform on a stage somewhere between Amman and Auckland. Would be fantastic though …

  2. Hey nice to see that this blog works again!!!
    It would be interesting to see Asian version of Eurovision…

    And i will notice you about Serbian selection as quickly as i get to know anything about it…
    Greetings to all…

    • Hello Xello! :)

      I hope that you had a great summer!

      • Yes i did… I cant wait selections to start…

        • Neither can I now that the fine weather is gone and dark and cold winter looms ahead …

          • Well winter is my favorite part of year (not that i dont like summer, but i love winter), because of hollydays,snow. and of course ESC season…
            I just hope that National Selections will have better winners than last year (especially Ukraine, from which i expect great songs again, only this time without scandals)…

        • oooo Xello! Thanks for returning guys! Sorry for the 5 months… But I got my Latinum now and have arrived well in France so I think I may have enough time to run the site again!

          I soo want this to happen! One contest a year (Junior Eurovision doesn’t count!) is not enough… If the voting system will be Eurovision-like China will win almost any contest tough….

          • I do not carre who would win it… Only that show is better… I just ask myself, could Russia and Turkey participate there too (and would they if they can)

          • You are in France! GRRRRR … *turning green in the face with envy*
            I studied in Nantes for half a year (20 yers ago) and had the time of my life. :-)

            Congrats on the Latin Certificate!

            I don’t like winter at all … except for the 2 weeks going downhill in the mountains.

            • I’ll be in Dijon for a year and then Quebec for another year ^^
              Thanks! I fought hard for that stupid piece of paper ^^

            • I visit Burgundy almost every year because I am a hopeless sucker for all things Romanesque. There are so many fantastic Romanesque churches in Burgundy: Vézelay, Autun, Fontenay, Saulieu, Pontigny, Paray-le-Monial, Tournus etc. … and then all the great village churches in the Brionnais. :-) And don’t forget to visit Auxerre which is not a Romanesque destination but one of the 3 most beautiful small cities in Europe imho.

            • Cool°! Thanks for the tipp! I will try to find some time between studying and cooking ^^

  3. I want this to happen so much!

  4. Hi, Xello. :) I’ll be waiting for the news on the Serbian selection. This country has sent above average songs lately (some of them I actually very good I love them).

    On topic: I truly hope that this project will see the light of day (well, the light of thousands of electric bulbs actually). Good luck, Asiavison Song Contest – ASC.

  5. *some of them are actually…

  6. I hope it began because I’m Indonesian and I live in Indonesia :)

  7. I want to watch Asiavision on TV and promote my country at this contest. I hope that Asiavision can be held soon… Before Asiavision start, Asian countries must held pre-contest competitions like Eurovision’s national selection.

  8. Asiavision must be the most success non-sporting events in Asia. For the success of Asiavision, I will invite the others to watch Asiavision to promote Indonesia on international song contest.

  9. After Eurovision and Asiavision, there’s Africavision and Americavision?

  10. I know this is a little too late to post a comment, but as an Indonesian (like Widhi and Daffa (I didn’t know so many Indonesians are Eurovision fans, I thought it was just me)), I would like Asia to experience this Asiavision Song Contest. We could experience the voting, it would be like Eurovision, but without having to go to Europe! I really hope Indonesia participates and sends a good entry (and wins), but so far nobody is aware yet. I hope it happens soon!

  11. Coming here from my country-Greece-I already knew about OUR SOUND-APSC and I was excited about how it will be,so I’m disapointed for new delights which came…anyway
    GOOD LUCK AUSTRALIA for APSC 2013 in Seoul,KOREA REPUBLIC,all the best!

  12. I’m a New Zealander originally from the Philippines and I’m not liking this idea. They need to stop giving us Asians the impression that we are copycats. At least change the name of the contest in something a bit more different and creative.

    Anyways I think we already had a contest like Eurovision that used to be held in Japan every year but it wasn’t aired on TV but rather just a festival. Lots of artists from around the world used to take part it in. Even ABBA competed there! They should just work on reviving that. Not copy Eurovision.

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