It’s All Over: Andorra Leaves the EBU

  Andorra – It’s the final nail in the coffin of any hopes of Andorra returning to the Eurovision Song Contest ever again. The Andorran national broadcaster announced today that they would withdraw their membership in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). However, membership in the organization is the most important prerequisite for a participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The reason for this drastic move are the overwhelming financial problems the channel is facing.

The Andorran government has cut financial aid to the channel from 3,4 to 2,8 million euros. The broadcaster already has a bigger depth than is allowed by the law that helped found it. In the coming years the personal will be reduced and associations with other channels will be cancelled in order to save financial resources.

Ràdio i Televisió d’Andorra had become a member of the EBU in 2002 and started participating in the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul 2004. Since then Andorra has entered 6 songs into the competition, but never managed to qualify for the final. After Susanne Georgi’s “La teva decisió” didn’t reach the final in 2009, the broadcaster withdrew from the contest due to financial reasons. It may well be that Georgi’s entry will be Andorra’s last for a very long time.

Susanne Georgi  – La teva decisió


Source= Diari d’Andorra

10 comments on “It’s All Over: Andorra Leaves the EBU

  1. I liked 5 of the 6 Andorran entries (didn’t like 2008 …) and thus Andorra is in 4th place on my ESC countries list. Since all countries send a song I do not like once in a while, I expect Andorra to be in 1st place soon, now that they will remain at 8.33/12 for the foreseeable future.

  2. That is a shame, they had some amazing entries in ESC (but not that awfual song in 2007 :-)) !

  3. 1. Serbia 11/12 (incl. ‘Lane moje’)
    2. San Marino 9.5/12
    3. BiH 8.53/12

    Well, countries with few songs tend to go to the extreme ends of my list because every single song has much more weight than a single song from one of the countries that have participated for many years. Once there are more than 20 entries, countries tend to get very close on my list.

    Top longtimers are:

    6. Cyprus 7.86
    7. France 7.77

    (I hope that Morgan won’t see this … Cyprus beating France … LOL)

    Moldova is in 4th place.

  4. I am sorry, but they had to cut somewhere and one knows how unfair ESC has been to Andorra.

  5. that’s all andorra? you will withdraw from EBU?? what will Carlemagne say??

  6. So sad… I love ‘La teva Decisió’.

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