EBU: The End of Internal Selections?

 EBU – If what Thomas Schreiber, entertainment coordinator of ARD (German host channel), has told the german newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”  is true, the Eurovision Song Contest might see another groundbreaking revolution next year. According to Schreiber internal selections may not be allowed during next year’s selection period. “The ESC only has a real future, if you ask me, if it is taken seriously on a musical level. It can become the biggest show in the world. But only if the respective countries, and also those, which are important for pop music, take the competition seriously. Included in that is, that it is not a single BBC editor who choses a band and a song.” The journalist adds that Britain used an internal selection this year to which Schneider responded: “Yes, and many predict that the band Blue will have a shot. But there is a resolution saying that next year all participants will be chosen by the public. We do have the aim of brushing off the ironization and folklore-based element of the contest.

For 56 years the EBU left it to the countries how they chose their entrants, We may well see a change in EBU rules next year. Over the last few years especially Turkey, Israel and this year Britain have selected their acts internally. What do you think and how will small and poor countries react if they have to organize a costly national final?

Source= eurofireblog.de

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43 comments on “EBU: The End of Internal Selections?

  1. Please can you guys take part in my HUGE EUROVISION POLL 2011! Send it to as many people as u know! Thanks a lot!

  2. Did this site die, been awhile since a new post been up & the rehearsals have started

  3. Why hasn’t there been any new news posted…..

  4. Way off topic – the rehearsals have begun (as I am sure you all know) and I enjoyed the following performaces in random order:

    Serbia – 100% class, 100% talent and sophistication
    Albania – great live vocals (lifeless backing vocals)
    Armenia – nonsensical, silly and fun (effective stage presentation)
    Turkey – good vocals (did not like the dancer in that contraption)
    Switzerland – great voice and great clothes (hers and theirs)
    Georgia – powerful, but not perfect.

    Good luck, everyone! :)

  5. what’s happend to this site?

    • nothing happen thats where the problem is (;
      it was a great site when i could log on here like almost every day there was a new stroy now we have the rehearsals and stil no update it kinda wierd

  6. whats’s happend to this site?

  7. Isn’t it a time to update? I miss the knockout competition.

  8. No way!!! Can’T be true

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