No Eurovision on Czech TV

  Czech Republic – On a continent of more or less Eurovision-crazy television stations, the Czech Republic is the only region in Europe where no national television station will broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Last year an official of the Czech national broadcaster explained that the Central European country would not return to the contest in the coming years due to a lack of interest and success (last, second to last and last in the semi-final). Apparently the channel will not even broadcast the show. Czech Eurovision fans can still watch the show via ARD (Germany) or SRTV (Slovakia), though.

30 thoughts on “No Eurovision on Czech TV

  1. I have just watched Amaury Vassili’s performance on RTVSLO.

    He’s got a very charming and warm smile, and he looks so good-looking ! And more than everything, he seems to have a nice and humble personality, which I am highly enjoying.
    Good luck, Amaury ! You would deserve to win this year !

    As for the Czeh TV, what a pity they don’t show any interest anymore: it is a big stain on the Eurovision map, right at its center !!!! Their songs were far from being good on stage, mala dama being the best of th three, live (I prefer “have efun” on the studio version though)

  2. If they don’t try, they will not be able to achieve good results. In my opinion, their first attempt was the best, but finished last due to bad luck. Their second try was kind of pathetic Britney Spears wannabe, thus not interesting, and their third go was a joke entry . . . If they come with something more serious than their last two attempts they can undoubtedly achieve good results, just like any participant.

  3. This is a very beautiful country with many talented people, pity that they are not interested to participate anymore. Come on, Czech Republic, it only takes one good song to make it!

  4. 2007 Entry: It was ok
    2008: Great studio version, horrible live performance
    2009: I found this entry to be funny honestly

  5. Have some fun was awesome in the videoclip version, then on Eurovision it turned absolutely horrible…
    I hate the 2007 and 2009 attempts.

  6. Czech Republic was a one big flop for Eurovision to me i think it’s one of the worst countrey ever to enter Eurovision Czech Republic people and there brocaster thought Eurovision was a 1 big joke and they never took it serioucley enough

    • because thats exactly what it is a joke….ive heard that czechs would like to participate in that new Asia-Pacific contest instead

  7. No offence but they are sore losers.

    What about the other countries who have never qualified? Andorra has never qualified but they keep trying. The only reason they are out atm is due to financial reasons. You have to learn from the previous failures to get a good result. Czech Republic isn’t giving themselves the chance.

    While they do poorly in the semis
    they have to look at the quality they send.

    They set themselves up for failure.
    However to an extent, Czech Republic has some sort of participation this year…
    The girls rep resenting Slovakia were backup vocalists for Czech Republic 2008

    • I agree they are sure losers and also agree about Andorra at least they tried and what about San Morino they trying again this year Czech Republic are poor losers

      iv’e got a qustion for everyone do you think we ever see Faroe Islands taking part in Eurovision ? to make a comlplete set of Nordic Countries

        • Kosovo , Qatar , Lichtenstein are on about entering eurovision but do you think it’s about time ebu speak to some small islands such has Faroe Islands , Greenland , Gurnsey , Jersey . Isle of Man etc to join contest to make better and bigger it would make the voting intresting and would they bring Morocco back ? and also Egypt , Tunisia , Lybia can join and allso lebanon they can join contest too just think how populer and bigger Eurovision can get

    • The Czech Republic aren’t the only bad losers, just look at the UK at the 00s. Since THAT Nul Points in 2003, we went on to a miserable losing streak and just like the Czech Republic our interest and success absolutely plummeted and hit rock bottom.

      So this year our UK broadcaster the BBC has decided for the UK to get their act together, end the public’s stupidity and their arrogant attitude towards Eurovision and start sending in established acts into Eurovision, hence the BBC got Blue out of retirement and now they’re back!

      The Czech Republic could follow the BBC’s example and maybe they could start their Eurovision success!

  8. Is everything OK with Manuel? I hope so. I thought that the duels were going to continue on their way to the final showdown. There’s still time. :)

  9. Clever decision!!

    Why to broadcast? To see Nina from Serbia maybe? :S

    Thanks God at least some country in Europe won’t see that embarrassment! :(

  10. I liked Ave Romale and Have fun (bad live though)

    Too bad the Czech broadcaster didn’t promote the contest right in the country. Slovakia is a neighbouring country and they have embraced the event even if they haven’t qualified

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