Editorial: OGAE Votes For Camp! What Else Is New?

OGAE – The traditional annual OGAE vote has started again. OGAEs from every country imaginable will announce their votes in the coming weeks. One thing is clear already: Camp will rule and the actual final result on May 14 will be as close to the OGAE result as Moscow is to Lisbon and as Dana International is to winning Eurovision again. Already in the lead: Sweden. What a surprise! Who would have thought that hundreds of  Eurovision dance-lovers would vote for a handsome guy dancing to campy music and singing about getting popul… oh wait…. Of course they vote for that!, they always do! Last year they didn’t have Turkey anywhere near the top, when it was clear that a song like that would get the straight men + diaspora votes! They thought Charlotte Perelli had a great song too.. (Can you believe it?)

Anywho ^^ don’t be surprised not to find the latest votes on this blog (you all know where to find them if you are interested). I might publish the current standings from time to time but in the end one thing is clear: If the final result of Eurovision ever looks like the OGAE result, the contest would just die a silent death!

I leave you with the wise words of the queen of Eurovision queens: “The winner isn’t necessarily the best song, it all depends on the show on stage. Last year I never thought Lena could win the contest (yeah her show was A-mazing! did you see these fireworks and the naked dancers?) , and I was not amazed by Norway in 2009 either. In 2008, Sweden had an excellent song, which should have won (she actually means Hero!).” (Dana International at a press conference a few days ago)

Just to be clear: This is like a joke entry! You have to get it to like it! I never meant to insult anyone especially any group of people. To be honest it’s quite funny that some people here think I insulted the gays, caus that would make me a bit schizo^^

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49 comments on “Editorial: OGAE Votes For Camp! What Else Is New?

  1. OGAE membership = Swedophilia

  2. Is that your picture Max, you look like one of the Osmonds

  3. hey everyone! check out my Eurovision blog! http://www.nicksahlene.blogspot.com , don’t forget to vote, comment and follow!!!

  4. I don’t think I, as a Briton, understand German humour!

  5. hahahah. What a great news. :D :D :D

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