TEKO: The Results of Duel 3 and 4

The Eurovision Knockout 2011 – Our readers have decided and we have 2 more quater-finalists. In Duel 3 The 3Js from the Netherlands and Maja Keuc from Slovenia competed for a spot in the next round. In Duel 4 we had Amaury Vassili from France and Kati Wolf from Hungary. Find out more about the competition by clicking here!

Here are the results:

23 comments on “TEKO: The Results of Duel 3 and 4

  1. I suspect that both these were close – got it right with Slovenia (Netherlands was far far better in Dutch) but I thought that France would go through the other heat…

    Hungary is more your stereotypical Eurovision entry though…

  2. OMG I never thought Hungary can do it :)
    Thank you for all the votes :)

  3. I’m glad all my preferences were correct. Still love the defeated ones :)

  4. These 2 duels were very close and all the 4 songs deserve to be in the quaterfinals, but only 2 could make it. I’m glad that Hungary qualified and sad that Netherlands didn’t but Slovenia also has a very good song and it will be a close quaterfinal between Slovenia and Hungary.

  5. I didn’t really care about the result of duel 3 because I really like both songs. However, Slovenia was so much better in Slovenian imo. ‘Tvoja … tvoja … tvoja …’ :)

    No comment on Hungary beating France. Hungary is a typical eurotrash fan favourite that will fail big time in May imo.

    Congrats to both acts that qualified to the quarter finals!

  6. Slovenia and Hungary… :( Oh well, I can’t say that I am surpised. Good luck.

  7. I cannot believe it.
    The Netherlands has a great entry!
    France deserve a place in the next round.

    I wonder how the public and juries will vote in the REAL thing?

  8. How is it possible that the HUngary song (a classic eurovision song ) won against the best this year, France…..,? Sorry but I don’t vote any more.
    And Net are very better too…..

  9. Well i must say im suprised with result of duel 4… I expected the winner would be France…
    As for Slovenia, it completly lost its touch with english version… Too much of No one in lyrics made the song less interesting and dynamic… I still like it, but less…

  10. Hungary beats France!!!!! my goodness.. I feel pity for the voters when they realize the real world in May..ts ts

    • yup, i knew it would happen, and people kept saying france was going to pass but voted hungary in mass in the polls, it is the big kate ryan of the year and people say she’s not even that good live… darn…

      • Before you judge someone – and talking rubbish – check out some of her live performance on youtube. I help you: Wolf Kati X-Faktor…

    • Roselil you are a big chater.I watched a lot of hidios comment from you.Check out this…I think France will be in the top 10 but not in the upper part…Hungary if its passing the semi then it can be the story of 2011 maybe even win.

  11. There are some people who are always repeating the same… Pathetic and boring!

  12. hey everyone! check out my Eurovision blog! http://www.nicksahlene.blogspot.com don’t forget to vote, comment and follow!

  13. France will do better than Hungary, because Kati Wolf doesn’t sing well in live perfomances.

  14. YESSSS, Slovenia does it again!!! Good grief on how possibly close the votes could be in the quarter final for Slovenia!

    Doesn’t anyone think that Heat 4 is kinda biased as Eurovision fans can vote on TEKO, so France being the bookies’ favourite is meaningless when it comes to TEKO.

  15. BRAVO MAJA…….my big FAVORITE!!!!

  16. I like France, but I prefer Kati Wolf, Bravo Kati Wolf, you won’t flop like ppl in this site think, you are FANTASTIC!! Serbia will give 10 points in semi, so many Hungarians live here…also it is not eurotrash at all….jury will appreciate!! BRAVO Kati Wolf, go for victory!!

  17. YES GO HUNGARY AND SLOVENIA.2 countrys who if they will do well its gonna be because they have good songs not because of geo politic vote or because friendship countrys.

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