TEKO: Duel 8 – Albania Vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina

The Eurovision KnockOut 2011 – Today you can start voting for the last Duel of our pre-Eurovision competition! In the 8th duel Aurela Gace from Albania and Dino Merlin from Bosnia-Herzegovina fight for a place in the quarterfinals. You have 4 days to vote for your favourite. “TEKO” is organized in a knockout format (similar to the World Cup). The Results of Duels 03-06 will follow tomorrow! To find out more about the competition go to its official sub page: here.


The Entries:

Let’s start the show! Please listen to the three competing entries:                                        Country Pages:

Song 01 –   Albania: Aurela Gace – Feel The Passion

Song 02 – Bosnia-Herzegovina: Dino Merlin – Love In Rewind

To watch the performance click on the respective country’s name!

The Voting:

As you have now listened to the songs, let’s go on with the voting.
Please vote for your personal favourite out of these two songs:

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46 comments on “TEKO: Duel 8 – Albania Vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina

  1. Sitoooo!!!! Bosnia is the winner :)

  2. Bosnia for sure. It’s a captivating song. People will listen as though they’ve know the song for years.

  3. I love both songs, but I have to vote Albania, which is my #1

  4. Bosnia of course.

    Welcome to Sarajevo 2012 :-)

  5. I voted for my country BOSNIA!!! <3

  6. hey everyone! check out my Eurovision blog! http://www.nicksahlene.blogspot.com , don’t forget to vote, comment and follow!!!

  7. Bosnia :) Dinoo :)

  8. what’s happening with these results?????

  9. bosniaaaaaaa <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. Please can you guys check out my website and make sure you go on the Polls section and take part in my Big Poll! Thanx!


  12. Bosniaaaaaaaaaa, Bosniaaaaaaa, Bosniaaaaa I really like this song;)))) Sitooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  13. Bosniiaaa in my <3

  14. Bosnia and Hercegovina ! :)

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