TEKO: The Results of Duels 1&2

The Eurovision Knockout 2011 – Our readers have decided and we have 2 quater-finalists. In Duel 1 Lena from Germany and Nina from Serbia competed for a spot in the next round. In Duel 2 we had Lucía Pérez from Spain and Raphael Gualazzi from Italy. Find out more about the competition: here! Here are the results:

24 comments on “TEKO: The Results of Duels 1&2

  1. You say duel funny!:)

  2. Neither result unexpected but I still think that Germany’s is not a patch on last years – assuming that Serbia gets to the final, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nina gets a better response and more 12’s but that’s my opinion!

    Having said that, I fully expect Germany to beat Spain in the next round…

  3. thats gunna be hard as i like both germany and spain this year

  4. I would have been happy with any result in duel 1 because I love both songs but Spain beating Italy??? Gosh, I am really worried how many people seem to prefer trash (even entertaining one) to a quality song. :(

  5. just because you dont like it , it dont mean its trash

    • There is personal taste and then there is the way a song is done. These are two completely different things. Btw, why do you think that I do not like Spain 2011? I do, even though it is a bad song. Same with Belgium 2004 for example. I am just honest enough to admit that a song is bad even if I personally like it … and that a song is good, even if I do not like it myself. I really wish that people would stop mixing personal taste and quality all the time!

  6. Predictable results. Lena is playing at home here and people have chosen fun stuff over quality stuff in round two. Germany will beat Spain in the next round and I’ll be voting for Germany then.

  7. i also dont understand why cant there just be a big poll it would be alot faster? lol. i only follow one poll and that one is the one which has been right for the last 3 years.

  8. The results are dissapointing in both duels, the less better songs qualified, but it’s not a surprise …
    If Germany managed to beat Serbia and Bosnia which have one of the best songs this year, they’ll have absolutely no problem beating Spain in the quater final. Sad. :(

  9. Satisfying results: Srbia and Spain are certainly more enjoyable instantly.
    why vote for quality when one does not like the song ?

  10. Hmmm I preferred Serbia because it’s more lively and NOT sung in English. Germany’s, however, is not that bad. Just not a favourite of mine.

    Spain I didn’t expect at all… Spain appeals more to me because Lucía can sing better than Raphael, but Raphael has a better song. I figured Italy would win.

  11. Serbia is horrible, my #40 this year. Germany is amazing, Lena rocks!!

  12. hey everyone, check out my Eurovision blog! http://www.nicksahlene.blogspot.com don’t forget to vote, comment and follow!

  13. “Que me quiten lo bailao” No question!

  14. Spain beating Italy is good news as the Italian entry is dreadful.

  15. Germany over Serbia is a good result.

  16. I think that Spain is a happy song, but its not my taste… So the winner in Quaterfinal 1 , i hope, will be Germany!

  17. Spain better to Italy?hahahahaha…..

  18. Yes, Spain is better than Italy.He cant sing he shouts and screams.

  19. Italy is quality and by far better than trash from Spain which is horrible!!
    It should have won…

    Serbia is horrible, I knew Germany will win, in ESC Serbia won’t qualify for the final, mark my words, It will even be close to 0 pointer ;)

    I’m from Serbia…

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