TEKO: The Duel 5 – Jedward vs. Blue

The Eurovision KnockOut 2011 – Today you can start voting for the 5th Duel of our pre-Eurovision competition! In the forth duel Jedward will represent Ireland while Blue will Blue will represent the UK. You have 4 days to vote for your favourite. “TEKO” is organized in a knockout format (similar to the World Cup). In its first stage 16 Heats were held and from each Heat one country qualified. To find out more about the competition go to its official sub page: here.


The Entries:

Let’s start the show! Please listen to the three competing entries:                                        Country Pages:

Song 01 –  Ireland: Jedward – Lipstick

Song 02 – United Kingdom: Blue – I can

To watch the performance click on the respective country’s name!

The Voting:

As you have now listened to the songs, let’s go on with the voting.
Please vote for your personal favourite out of these two songs:

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91 comments on “TEKO: The Duel 5 – Jedward vs. Blue

  1. Jedward are crap…

    Blue are good…


  2. Jedward are popular in the UK and Ireland as the two Irish idiots with odd hair. Blue are popular all over europe as a real band that can sing, it’s a no brainer!
    They can, They will, They know, They can, beat Ireland and win the contest!

  3. Please can you guys go on my website. Make sure you go on the Polls section as I am currently awaiting people to take part in my Big Poll! Thanx!

  4. lol, this is mad. Blue are getting more admirers by the hour, but Jedward are like a crazy machine. Personally not keen on either, but go Blue.

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