[April Fools] The USA Will Join Eurovision in 2012

United States – In a surprise move the American broadcaster ABC has announced today that the United States will be joining the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012. The channel will join the EBU at the end of the year to make the American participation possible. The American debut will give the contest another 300 million new viewers. The American representative will be the winner of American Idol 2011. What do you think? Is that what Eurovision needed?

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67 comments on “[April Fools] The USA Will Join Eurovision in 2012

  1. Off topic, but Dana International released another revamped version of Ding Dong because the lack of support of the last one


  2. Of course by me being a dumb naive American I got excited and believed this!

  3. Nice try but this April Fools gag is a bit naff though!

  4. There was no way you could think we could buy this one xD It’s even the same joke as last year in esctoday!

  5. I’m glad we’re not in because no one could ever rub a bad entry in our face. :D Mwahaha.
    I’ll just watch safely from the sidelines. :)

  6. Pheeeew! Had a wee panic there for a minute, thought that Eurovision was gonna be invaded and dominated by the U.S Lolllzzz! ^^ hehe ;D

  7. haha when i saw this, this morning i was like yea right! glad i was the first to comment incase the first few people believed it!!

  8. in italian pesce d’aprile

  9. Worldsong..xd

  10. On an unrelated note, diggiloo.net’s April Fool’s prank is hilarious.

    Some of the songs this year according to them:
    Turkey: Liquor Up – mör ve Manga Sadakat
    Malta: 1 life – Xandee
    Lithuania: It’s my life – Amy Diamond with Bon Jovi feat. No Doubt
    Azerbaijan: Always running scared day after day – Elnur & AySel
    Netherlands: Always the bridesmaid – 3XL
    Ukraine: Angel in disguise – Chiara
    Sweden: Typical – Kempe
    Belarus: I love chocolate mousse – Yes, Anastasia
    Belarus (disqualified): I’m belarussian, b*tch! – Anastasia Vinnikova
    UK: I do – Kate Middleton & The Prince

    • I have seen that too. They do it every year on diggiloo. :)

      My favourite is Sweden by far because that one is not only funny but a witty comment on what is wrong with Sweden in ESC these days too …

      • …I guess I’ve always missed it. Well, that disappoints me.

        And I must agree. Most of the titles/artists made me smile, but I couldn’t stop myself from laughing aloud at that one.

        • I still remember a good one from 2009, Albania: ‘Kërri mi in jur drims’ :)
          What a fantastic comment on all the abysmal pronunciations we have to survive when people sing in what they think of as English …

    • I’ve just read your comment, Existentiallyme. :D I can’t stop laughing… LOL

  11. April fool or not, if Israel, Morocco etc take part why not USA/

    • Because Morocco and Israel have broadcasters in the EBU (as do most nations in North Africa, for that matter). The US has a number of networks that are *associate* members (NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR), but not official *full* members. We don’t even show Eurovision on any channel here (yet)! :-(

  12. and the 12 pts from the states will go toooo…

    what a joke :) love it!!

  13. If the USA joined, I’m afraid no one would ever want to sing in another language than English.

  14. Samantha it has been shown in USA. IBA America has broadcast it. USA has a broadcaster in Europe it’s Fox in Uk.

    • I see it on TVE International, but you see it’s never on a LOCAL channel, always an extension of a foreign channel. :( For just one year I wish it was on a big channel and shown during prime time.

  15. hey everyone, check out my Eurovision blog http://www.nicksahlene.blogspot.com dont forget to vote, comment and follow!

  16. Wait so it’s not really gunna happen???

  17. Linkin Park has to be there !!!

  18. No, The Eurovision is too large as it is. But perhaps you have your own USvision among your states and then a music battle between top 10 each competition.

  19. No, no, no! Come on Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Argetina… And what will be? This is EUROVISION!

  20. In the name stay Euro… think about!any questions?

  21. USA – ?? oh….

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