TEKO: The Results of Heats 14,15 and 16

The Eurovision KnockOut 2011 – Our readers have decided and we have the next two qualifiers in our pre-Eurovision competition TEKO 2011! Find out more about the competition: here! . The competitors in these 3 Heats were:  Sweden and Belgium in Heat 14, Malta and Albania in Heat 15 and Bosnia, Slovakia and Denmark in Heat 16. Here are the results:







These are the Duels:

15 comments on “TEKO: The Results of Heats 14,15 and 16

  1. I can’t watch the video for some unknown reason, but I can see that Sweden (by Eric, the glass breaker) and Albania (:)) have won their respective heats. Nothing too surprising there.
    Let the duels begin.

  2. Fully expected Sweden to win – as for the other heat, not really bothered which won as I feel that whoever won will go no further!

  3. Nice to see all Big5 countries ‘alive’ in this tournament.
    My hopes/predictions were at 13/16. All but Heat 1, 3 and 10 and were right for me :)

  4. wow Serbia-Germany that’s tough! Ireland-Uk, Estonia-Sweden… aw France will lose to Hungary too :(

    at least Bosnia finally got it easy now

  5. will definitely vote for germany, becaause i can’t stand serbia. and i think etsonia’s lyrics are kinda weird it doesn’t quite add up, so sweden gets my vote in that duel.
    for the second, third, sixth and 8 heat, i couldn’t care less who wins. but uk and hungary will definitely get my vote in the remaining heats.

  6. Well, no surprises in the last heats .. all the fav qualified (i wasn’t sure about Albania, but they made it too).
    The duels are very interesting and i’m looking forward to them. I think only UK and Bosnia have it easy, the other duels will be very close. :)

  7. all duels seems easy to me, lets start voting :)

  8. Hi everybody,

    I make a youtube playlist with all the Eurovision’s songs. The videos are on the order to pass (semi-final 1-2 and final).



  9. Well, well, the ridiculous act from Sweden has kicked the beautiful song from Belgium out. :( Congratulations to Albania! I voted for Malta but Albania isn’t bad either (just not my personal taste). And, yes! BiH has won the second chance round.

    Except for the Nina-Lena duel 1 I have a clear favourite in every duel.


    I will vote for France too this time. :)

  10. I know which one ill vote for every heat… And i think that four last standing countries will be Germany, France, UK and Bosnia…

  11. These next heats are going to be tough. Least I got these last 3 “right.”
    I can’t get Sweden out of my head. Makes a great ringtone, too!

  12. Hardly surprised about Sweden, Eric Saade can certainly give a ‘shattering’ performance!

    If Albania doesn’t win then I still think Eurovision will just nick the “Feel the Passion” part and use it as the slogan for ESC 2012.

    Went for my personal favourite Slovakia but not surprised that Bosnia and Herzegovina have secured Heat 16.

  13. All of these heats were givens sadly

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