TEKO: The Results of Heats 9,10 and 11

The Eurovision KnockOut 2011 – Our readers have decided and we have the next three qualifiers in our pre-Eurovision competition TEKO 2011! Find out more about the competition: here! . The competitors in these 3 Heats were: Croatia, Israel and Spain in Heat 9, Azerbaijan, Slovenia and Iceland in Heat 10 and France, Portugal and Cyprus  in Heat 11. And here are the results:

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16 comments on “TEKO: The Results of Heats 9,10 and 11

  1. wow slovenia beat azerbaijan!:) kinda shocked but happy!:)

  2. Well, there are no surprises here. The best songs from these heats qualified. :D
    I actualy thought for a second that Portugal qualified, when you repeated the countries (you got me there, lol).

  3. Funny moment with the heat 11 thing, when you repeated the countries..for a second I thought Portugal won, lol.

    I’m shocked Slovenia qualified, it’s not a bad song but I thought Azerbaijan had it easy lol.

    And Spain was an obvious qualifier!

    Anyway, can’t wait for the next heats :) this knockout is getting better and better :)

  4. Cyprus, my favourite out of these 9 songs, is out but then I never expected Christos to beat the songs from France and Portugal. :(
    In heat 9 I voted for Spain but do not really like any of the 3 songs …
    In heat 10 I voted for Azerbaijan but Slovenia is nice too.

    Thus, the only thing that bugs me is that France has won heat 11 …

  5. I Voted Croata , Azerbaijan , France
    Im Suprised Azerbaijan didnt get threw they won faverouts to win Eurovision this year it show how tihght Eurovision is this year

  6. Wohoo La France a remporté!
    And Slovenia song is a grower for me ;)

  7. Heat 9: The best won. I’m glad.

    Heat 10: What a terrible result! By far, this was the worst of the three competitors, and there was no way that I would have it beat either of the other two.

    Heat 11: At least we have a good winner here. I would’ve been okay with any of these songs winning the round, but this was my choice.

  8. Was not impressed with Heat 9…
    But in 10, I voted for Slovenia and expected to Azerbaijan to qualify! I’m pleasantly surprised :)
    France… Of course, and I voted for them, too :) Allons-y la France!! XD

  9. These results were to be expected. I was somewhat suprised by the Slovenian win, but this song seems to have many supporters. I wonder how the release of the English version will affect this entry’s popularity.

  10. Heat 9: Saw that one coming

    Heat 10: Woah Slovenia won?! Awesome! Surprised it beat Azerbaijan

    Heat 11: Again, this was a given

    Now if the UK wins their heat, we will have all of the Big 5 in the quarterfinals

    Italy & France are already facing each other

  11. Heat 9: Not surprised.

    Heat 10: Didn’t see that coming!

    Heat 11: Viva La France!

  12. YAY!!! I was jumping up and down with joy when I found out that Spain went through… Next one on the row of Spanish victims? It would be Italy… And then, who knows, maybe Germany!!!

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