TEKO: The Results of Heats 6,7 and 8

The Eurovision KnockOut 2011 – Our readers have decided and we have the next three qualifiers in our pre-Eurovision competition TEKO 2011! Find out more about the competition: here! . The competitors in these 3 Heats were: Turkey, Ukraine and Belarus in Heat 6, Romania, Moldova and Estonia in Heat 7 and Poland, Germany and Bosnia-Herzegovina in Heat 8. And here are the results:

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27 comments on “TEKO: The Results of Heats 6,7 and 8

  1. I voted for Lena :)) Lol, she managed to win. But what was the difference between Lena and the runner-up? I’m just curious. And I can’t wait for the next results :)

  2. Heat 6 – I voted for Belarus, but I expected Turkey to qualify. Ok song…

    Heat 7 – I voted for Estonia and Estonia won! What a surprise! (Have anybody noticed that Estonia will go on Sweden in the Duel round, it’s very likely Sweden beats Belgium in Heat 14!)

    Heat 8 – I voted for Germany, but I thought Bosnia will qualify. Though I know Bosnia is the runner-up

  3. Hey, good results… I expected that Turkey and Estonia will win 6 and 7, but i though Bosnia will win heat 8… No matter , they will qualify in second chance round (probably)…

  4. Yes, I voted for Turkey and Estonia and wanted BiH or Germany in heat 8! Let’s bring BiH to the duel round via heat 16!

    Btw, it’s been great to hear different languages in the results clip. Perhaps we will get the results in Bulgarian next time. :)

  5. well that proves the big poll, having Bosnia as a huge leader since it was presented, doesn’t mean anything

    im glad for lena, but i really think bosnia is above all competition, it really better should move forward!

  6. Wow, thought Bosnia would make it! :( Oh well, that’s ok.
    I did expect Turkey and Estonia to win their respective heats, though.

  7. Bosnia will win heat 8. Europe here ones Lena, now it’s time for changes;))

  8. Hmm, now Bosnia won’t move on here. We might be excluding a song that could be in the top 5. Maybe we need a “grab bag” heat at the end with some crowd favorites that didn’t win? Germans have visited this site over 20,000 times while the Bosnian-Herzogovinians (?) have only been here 3,000 times.

  9. Yes! The winners are who I voted for :)
    I thought Bosnia will win Heat8, but Lena managed it :)
    Yeah ;)

  10. i dont understand franish so
    could you please talk on english in the whole video for the next heats????????

    i voted for belarus, estonia and bosnia

  11. Heat 6: Quelle horreur! That’s the second from my bottom five to make it to the next round.

    Heat 7: Clear winner here. Was there much competition?

    Heat 8: That was a surprise. I thought that Bosnia would win for sure.

  12. I Voted

  13. Dino is so much better than lena but ok :)

  14. :(
    I agreed with 6 and 7, but thought Bosnia & Herzegovina would pass through. Very surprised… :/ Oh well.

  15. I voted for Turkey Estonia & B&H. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Germany’s song that much? I think its ok, but I don’t see it as a winner in my opinion

  16. Bosnia has a better song, Lena-boring…..

  17. I knew that Turkey and Estonia would qualify. I’m a little suprised that Germany qualified and dissapointed that Bosnia didn’t, but they can win heat 16.

  18. I was expecting these results and I happen to agree with them.

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