Top 10: The Most Visited Eurovision Sites

Eurovision Sites – As most of you will know, this is by far not the only Eurovision website on the web. A lot of fans have their own blogs, websites and forums. The online tool alexa.com offers the possibility to see how often a website is visited. I have taken the time to test all Eurovision websites I know (over 70) to find out which websites are the most visited on the web. This Top10 only includes inofficial fansites. The number behind the site indicates its place among all websites worldwide:

1. ESCToday.com – 112.840
2. oikotimes.com – 493.248
3. escdaily.com – 613.218
4. The Eurovision Times – 675.270
5. eurovisionary.com – 748.216
6. escnation.com – 764.726
7. wiwibloggs.com – 905.697
8. esckaz.com – 930.000
9. All Kinds of Everything – 952.093
10. belgovision.com – 987.858

Now as I said this is according to alexa and does not have to be right. Nevertheless, thank you for your visits ^^

67 comments on “Top 10: The Most Visited Eurovision Sites

  1. Alexa is notoriously wrong and a terrible barometer of traffic. I tried to go to that “All Kinds Of Everything” site and it is not even online.

  2. But I think your site is probably the best, anyway. I like ESC Daily too.

  3. we need to take the first one DOWN, they’re my nemesis, hateful articles, no personal ideas, horrible blog comments, grrrr

  4. the eurovision times by far the best website :)

  5. As one of the editors from ESCDaily, this makes me happy!

    I gotta say also, good job here too! We tend to report facts, but it’s nice to get an opinion or two here and there! :D

  6. I have to admit this is one of my fave pages on the whole Internet (yes and I do have a life too;)

  7. what about eurovision.tv? they are not among the ten???

  8. Anyone know…is the semi-final running order draw today or tomorrow?

  9. Belarus 11 is out:

  10. eurovision.tv is THE official site, we can’t take it down it’s where we KNOW for FACTS eurovision related things, the rumors dont appear there but also none of the minor inside debates one can have that they dont relate… of all the unofficial i like this one better, coz i trust and know manuel as a great guy who trusts me back and because almost all the eurovision buddies i had over the years are here for me to talk with and enjoy (Togravus, Shevek, Roselil, Paschalis and the new ones i met here, Luis, Ravzan…)

  11. This is my favorite of the ESC sites I visit, not only for the news and opinions, but also the community I find here! Even when we disagree, we’re not biting each other’s heads off like the forums on some other sites. Well done, Manuel! :-)

    We should totally have some sort of meetup for Eurovision fan site moderators while we’re in Düsseldorf…granted, my site is small potatoes compared to others, but still! ;-)

  12. You have a site too, Sam? Where can I find it?

    • i also use escvibes forum btw, my other greatest friend Niko is there

    • “The ESC Insider”! Been working on it for a little over a year now. It’s definitely not as big as ET, but I have fun with it! It’s mostly my personal opinions, with some news and a lot of history. I kind of gear it towards ESC newcomers, but all are welcome! : -) escinsider.blogspot.com

  13. Well, considering that I have watched every ESC since 1976 I probably don’t qualify as a newcomer but I immensely enjoyed the quick glance I had at your blog nevertheless. I love reading well-founded and objective analysis, and that is what I found on “The ESC Insider”. I have already bookmarked the site and will come back later tonight … :)

  14. it became no.1 for me.. congratz euorvisiontimes:-)

  15. eurosong.hr Alexa Traffic Rank: 790,297


  16. esctoday is so low, why?

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