Italy: Listen To The English Version of Their Entry Called “Madness Of Love”

Italy – The official preview video of the Italian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 has just been revealed. English lyrics have been added to the song which is now called “Madness Of Love” (original: Follia D’Amore). Raphael Gualazzi frequently switches between Italian and English in this new version. The video is quite simple but very classy. See for yourself:

Don’t forget to vote in Heat 2 of our pre-Eurovision competition “The Eurovision Knockout” where Italy competes against Georgia and Macedonia.

20 comments on “Italy: Listen To The English Version of Their Entry Called “Madness Of Love”

  1. there was an original video, and it was perfect as “Folia d’amore”, still one of the very best this year but this is a hugely disappointing move from Italy (yet again…) we do have to root for 100% italian from San Marino now

    • Agreed, too many countries are Anglicising their lyrics and westernising their songs these days. For an English speaker who takes great enjoyment from the ‘exotic’ soungs of foreign langauge, I fear Eurovision is in danger of becomming quite boring.

  2. It’s a bit disappointing, but it’s still good. Though the language switching seems a bit random, oh well.

    Still I wish Italy good luck in May.

  3. When he screams at the end of the chorus it’s so funny and it always makes me laugh. This song should be called “Back to the 50’s” .. :P

  4. is that the version hes going to sing in germany?

  5. I don’t like bilangual songs in general but this is an extremely annoying and random example of a bilangual song. The atmosphere of the song is totally ruined.
    BOOOO … and out of my top 10!

  6. Perhaps it is because I am a language guy (and professional) but bilingual songs sound messy in 90 % of cases to my ears and brains because every language has a unique sound and thus creates a specific atmosphere … and consequently songs beak up if there is a change of language. (Yes, I am a fan of E. A. Poe’s unity of effect and concept of ‘tone’, feel free to call me a hopeless Romantic …)
    There are some exceptions to this rule of course in cases where bilingualism or multilingualism has been integral to the concept behind a song from the very beginning.

    • I sort of knew that this was coming. Raphael writes songs in English as well and it comes naturally to him. I would prefer to have him sing the 100% Italian version, but I’ll have to live with this version. Portugal, Serbia, France, Spain and Macedonia will soon be the real big five.

      P.S.: isn’t Rapahael’s case a bit like Lena’s? They usually sing in English.

  7. It’s me. I have to go now, but I’ll be back today.

  8. Not a bad mix, I like it..Being bilingual myself I can survive songs like this..

  9. i’ll dare it here, here’s my updated top 40 of esc 2011 without russia, sweden and azerbaijan which i think none would threaten the top 18

    01 Bosnia & Herzegovina
    02 France
    03 Estonia
    04 Germany
    05 Denmark
    06 Serbia
    07 Italy
    08 San Marino
    09 Turkey
    10 Cyprus
    11 Georgia
    12 Ireland
    13 United-Kingdom
    14 Latvia
    15 Iceland
    16 Switzerland
    17 Slovenia
    18 Hungary
    19 Romania
    20 Slovakia
    21 Belgium
    22 Finland
    23 Poland
    24 Bulgaria
    25 Netherlands
    26 Greece
    27 Albania
    28 Ukraine
    29 Moldova
    30 Norway
    31 Spain
    32 Lithuania
    33 Portugal
    34 Macedonia
    35 Israel
    36 Malta
    37 Croatia
    38 Austria
    39 Belarus
    40 Armenia

  10. THIS YEAR ON OF THIS 3 WILL WIN. FRANCE,UK AND HUNGARY. WHO? WATCH,LISTEN AND VOTE HERE http://blogs.eldiari(…)an-las-apuestas-como

  11. now i am shocked sekhmet morgan blue at 13th well im lost for words lol xx

    • we only moan when we’re disappointed, but not when we truly hate! plus it’s a bad year! you just have almost never been around and when i didnt like uk you jumped at me for really no reasons!

  12. my top 5 changed a bit now (1) bosnia (2) estonia (3) italy (4) uk (5) france

  13. I wish countries would’nt convert to English and sing in ther own language .When the majority of songs are in English the contest loses it’s atmosphere and some songs do sound better in there own language. Songs from the past that sound better in their own language than they did in English are Nor 96, Lux & Spa 73, Isr 79,Swe 83, Pol 94,Isr 98, my list could go on and on. Also one of my fav all time songs (Fra 79 ) is not that good sung in German.

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