Georgia: Eldrine Release Final Version

Georgia – Eldrine, the Georgian representatives at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest have revealed the revamped version of their entry “One More Day” today. A week ago the management of the band had announced that Tako Vadachkoria, who was the band’s lead singer at the Georgian national final, would no longer be the most recognizable face of the band as she would be replaced by Sopho Toroshelidze. Sopho had been one of the backing singers in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest for  Sophia Nizharadze. She has also participated in the casting show “Star Academy”. She graduated from the Ivane Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire and is said to have a brilliant voice. The new version of the song thus now includes Sophia’s vocals.

Here you can listen to it:

Here you can see the Georgian country page!

20 comments on “Georgia: Eldrine Release Final Version

  1. I still like it!! Good luck to Georgia..

  2. I love this song and I was so disappointed when I heard it live in the Georgian NF. If it works well live, it may reach my top 10.

    P.S.: It’s none of my business, but this sudden replacement comes across as unfair, unless Tako wanted to leave without being pressured into it.

  3. I still like Georgia 2011 very much and hope for a perfect live performance in May. The song is somewhere between 6th and 10th on my list (haven’t made up my mind in the spots behind my top 5 yet …)

  4. A decent place like Ukraine 10 is predictable.. Do you agree with me?

    • Yes, I think that they might grab a good portion of the ‘unconventional’ vote this year and with the usual support from the other Caucasus countries, Russia, Lithuiania etc, a top 10 is possible …

      Btw, bye bye UK to the 2nd place in this site’s country statistics. The Portuguese armada is approaching …

      • Well, at least the winner of FdC 11 is being talked about. It’s just a pity that several comments are in Portuguese.

  5. Disappointed with the new version as it has lost some of it’s rock edge, but it still remains on my top 10.

  6. What on earth were they thinking? They have completely ruined this song. The new singer has completely the wrong vocal – her voice is not raspy enough for a rock tune like this. And they have killed the previous great intro, and all in all this sounds like a watered-down version of the original. Please have a re-think Georgia and go back to the original tune, and ideally the original vocalist. This was in my top 5, not it’s only top 10.

  7. Still good, kinda lost a bit of the rock feeling to it, but still good for me

  8. still in my top 10 right now, i wanna see it live with the new girl before esc though

  9. I like Georgia’s entry (it’s a grower for me) and if the new singer can deliver it live it’s gonna be in my top 15. It’s in the style of Linkin Park, which is a very good thing imo.

  10. The original version (along with Tako) was defintely good enough to end up on iTunes. The new version (along with Sophia) is now only good enough to end up on Poundland.

  11. I don’t like it, a bit of a mess. Not a qualifier IMO.

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