Ukraine: Voting Fraud – New National Final with Mika, Jamala, Zlata On March 3

Ukraine – It seems like things haven’t changed over the last year. The results of the national final last Saturday, in which Mika Newton was selected as the Ukrainian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 were annulled. Since Yesterday Voting Fraud allegations by leading media sites had caused a scandal in Ukraine. The final result was decided by a mixture of televotes, internet votes and jury voting. Mika Newton won all three of those but now allegations of voting fraud have arisen:

Apparently Mika had 37384 votes in the internet selection from 2640 individual IP-s, while Jamala had 37232 from 7104 individual IP-s . Furthermore 1996 phone numbers sent 29064 SMS’ for Mika but 3906 phones sent 19900 SMS’ for Zlata and 6365 phone numbers sent 10800 SMS’ for Jamala.

So calculated by individual IP and  phone numbers the result would have been:
1. Jamala 13469
2. Zlata 7020
3. Oleksi Matias 6742
4.Mika Newton 4636

Jamala, as well as Zlata Ognevich had thus challenged the result and called for a re-evaluation. Anna Herman, a member of the jury also called for a new national final. “I will initiate the creation of a special commission to examine the preparatory process and the very course of the final selection of candidates from Ukraine for Eurovision[…] I think it’s worth to listen to the tens of thousands of people, that during these two days were ringing and expressed their dissatisfaction with the result of this competition. I have many doubts, but I would not want to disclose them before the decision of the commission, which I hope will be established and will give its findings. I would not want to blame anyone in advance, but my impression is that something was decided on the sidelines and not on the stage, which we do not understand and did not know”, she told the press.

NTU’s reaction to the allegations of fraud was: “I think next year we will change the rule and will accept votes only from unique IP-addresses and phone numbers”

Furthermore Mika Newton has expressed her will to sing another song at the Eurovision Song Contest written by Walter Afanasieff, who has worked with Celine Dion.

Now NTU has revealed that a new national final with three candidates will be organized on March 3: Zlata Ognevich, Jamala and Mika Newton will compete. The result will be based on televoting from individual phones alone.

Source= eurovisiontimes, ESCToday, NTU, ESCKaz.com

23 comments on “Ukraine: Voting Fraud – New National Final with Mika, Jamala, Zlata On March 3

  1. LOL … and the Ukrainian soap continues.

    My suggestion: Just cancel this 2nd ‘final’ too and send Bahroma!

    Good luck!

    On a more serious note: One thing I think should be totally out of the question, and that is allowing Mika to sing a different song. You enter a competition with a song, and you don’t change it halfway through or once the selection process is over. That’s indecent … Is that so difficult to understand?

    Finally, I like both Zlata’s and Jamala’s songs. :)

    • I hope Jamala will win now… Can we have the same scandal in Switzerland and send Aliose, In Albania and send Ender ka shprese and and and ^^

      But seriously, this is not a very good sign of the developpment of this country…

      • Certainly not!
        Send transparency international in! … or if they have difficulties with counting votes … Send UN poll observers in! ;)

  2. I want Jamala to win, Zlata to come second, and Mika to come last!

  3. So in Ukraine is worse than Macedonia :))) Thank God!

  4. Great news… Im so satisfied with this decision, and im almost sure that Ukrainian people will send Jamala (although i like Zlata more)… Thanks God, that NTU actualy did something…

  5. Alyosha also won the NF with a bad song and finally changed for “Sweet people” a much stronger song…. but yes LOL when will this ever end? Ukraine really doesnt deserve because of all this

  6. It will be funny if Mika wins the votes again

  7. GO ZLATA!~

    or Jamala!

    Mika, go somewhere else!

  8. Mathias , Barhoma and Eduard were all underrated (5th, 6th and 7th respectively) behind the four women favorite, too bad

    isn’t he sooooooo cute too?

  9. Hello from Ukraine!
    Things are now very clear! I will explain!

    Jamala is the best friend of Anna German.
    Anna German is a counselor of our president Janukovich.
    It was not fair contest – Jamala has had her own place(for make-up) – other contestant don’t have and many other things (because of German).

    Mika Newton is like an angel – she is about 8 years on the stage (she started when she was very young – she is still very young ) – she has allot of fans(much more than 50 000).

    When Mika won, Anna German says that Jamala is better than Mika and she want Jamala for Eurovision. She says this things just after the vote result. All Mika fans was shocked.
    Mika has had even tears on her eyes. IT was live translation. It’s good that Savik Shustov (showman) ask to show result of judges votes – Mika was 1st (most of the judges also chose Mika).

    And now Anna German give her support to fans of Jamala and Zlata because she don’t like Mika Newton (if not Mika – her Jamala was 1)
    And German say that judges may be corrupter (it’s funny because she was one of them )

    The judges was very famous artists – Ruslana Ligechko (she won eurovision with “wild dances”) , Any Lorak (2nd place in eurovision) and others…

    This is so unfair when politics like Anna German do such things.
    Mika Newton now needs support from us.

      • All this is true. Anna Herman is only one who want Jamala here. Please if you like Jamala – take her from Ukraine, We don’t want her and don’t forget about Anna Herman too :)
        About all this Director of 1st national channel says that all was vary clear according to current rules Mika is a true winner and they want to change rules because of Herman.
        It is not decided about March 3(it’s just a suggestion) they will decide on briefing today.

    • First of all, German is really sympathetic towards Jamala. But the reason of her arguing is mere understanding what could happen if we let Mika go to Eurovision – a national scandal. The public will simply hiss her — and it’s not a worst case scenario. Mika may look “like an angel”, may be “still very young” she can have “a lot of fans” but it doesn’t make her a singer. And anyway you cannot even compare her to Zlata and Jamala — the real leaders.

  10. OK, I write and here :))

    Vsevolod, why you don’t tell our euro-friends all truth?
    (sorry fir my terrible English, i’m from Ukraine too)

    Ruslana Ligechko and Any Lorak both vote Jamala 10.
    And vote Mika 8.
    Or you “forgot” tell about this?

    Mika’s Produser – Timofey Nagorny yesterday tell in interwiev: “I and my frend send 450 SMS for Mika” Think about this!!! 450 votes from TWO PEOPLE! This terrible!l

    And – what the hell “50 000 Mika’s fans”? :D
    Why this fans vote from 2000 phones, when Jamaila’s fans votes from 6500 phones? =)

  11. I’ve never thought that they went so far as to allow Newton to do whatever she wants. I am not going to follow this superfinal or whatever they end up calling it. This is shameful.

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