Moldova Decides – O Melodie Pentru Europa

Moldova Moldova will choose its entry for Düsseldorf tonight. The national final has a Eurovision-like extent: 25 songs will compete for the Moldovan ticket to Germany. The decision will be taken by a mixture of 50% tele and 50% jury voting. Former Moldovan representatives Natalia Barbu and Zdob şi Zdub will be making their comeback on the national final stage. These are the participants:The participants:

  1. Natan – Dacă dragoste mai e
  2. Natalia Barbu – Let’s jazz
  3. Formaţia “Ion Krasnopolski” – Cu fanfara până dimineaţa
  4. Anişoara Balmuş – You and I
  5. Denis Latişev – It’s my first dance with you
  6. Pasha Parfeny – Dorule
  7. Doiniţa Gherman – Viaţa
  8. Corina Cuniuc – Şi tac
  9. Cristina Scarlat – Every day will be your day
  10. Diana Staver – Love song
  11. Dumitru Socican – Ma pierd când o văd
  12. Nicoleta Gavriliţa – Just your friend
  13. Adriana Voloşenco – I can win the game
  14. Boris Covali & Cristina Croitoru – Break it up
  15. Ruslan Taranu – Lumina mea
  16. Milenium – In memoriam
  17. Odry – Doina, dor nemărginit
  18. Karizma – When life is grey
  19. Vadim Luchin & Tamaz Djgarcava – Always
  20. Mariana Mihaila – Mi rey
  21. Valeria Tarasova – This is my life
  22. Aurel Chirtoacă – Încă îndrăgostit
  23. M-Studio – Night reflection
  24. Zdob si Zdub – So lucky
  25. Dana Marchitan – Lucky you, lucky me

Moldova will compete in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 12. In our own pre-Eurovision competition “The Eurovision Knockout 2011” Moldova will compete against neighbour Romania and Estonia.

Former Moldovan representatives Natalia Barbu and Zdob şi Zdub announced their comeback on the Eurovision stage

16 comments on “Moldova Decides – O Melodie Pentru Europa

  1. There are great songs in Moldova’s NF. I look forward to this final ! :D

  2. This NF has very interesting stuff on offer. I hope that one of my top 4 songs gets the nod:

    1. ‘Night reflection’ by M-Studio
    2. ‘Dor nemarginit’ by Doina
    3. ‘Daca dragoste mai e’ by Natan
    4. ‘Si tac’ by Corina Cuniuc
    5. ‘Love song’ by Diana Staver
    6. ‘In memorium’ by Milenium
    7. ‘Viata Gherman
    8. ‘Inca indragostit’ by Aurel Chirtoaca
    9. ‘Let s jazz’ by Natalia Barbu
    10. ‘When life is grey’ by KARIZMA
    11. ‘Just your friend’ by Nicoleta Gravilia
    12. ‘So lucky’ by Zdop si Zdup

    Good luck.

  3. This will be one of the better shows tonight and thus I will be glued to my pc screen. :)

    My favourites:

    1. Natalia Barbu – Let’s Jazz (terrible draw … :( …)
    2. Doiniţa Gherman – Viaţa
    3. Zdob si Zdub – So lucky
    4. Odry – Doina, dor nemărginit (won’t have a chance …)
    5. Dumitru Socican – Ma pierd când o văd

    Natan and M-Studio are ok too.

    Good luck to all contestants!

  4. Did you find a webcast that works for Moldova’s NF ???

  5. I found this one … but it is constantly buffering … :(


  6. I keep seeing the same frozen image of of the hosts.

  7. Dumitru Socican – Ma pierd când o văd is my fave

  8. My favourite song is “Boris Covali & Cristina Croitoru – Break it up” .
    They haven’t performed yet but none of the links i tried work so i’m giving up on Moldova’s NF . :(

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