Sigurjón’s Friends Will Sing In English

Iceland – Þórunn Erna Klausen the widow of Sigurjón Brink and co-writer of Aftur Heim, Pálmi Sigurhjartarson has talked about her husband’s sudden death, the plans for Eurovision and the genesis of the Icelandic entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 on television yesterday.  As Flosi Jon Ofeigsson reports on his blog, Klausen explained, that the song was written and composed in a single evening and that they submitted the song just 2 minutes before the deadline. Sigurjón Brink, who died shortly before the Icelandic final, wrote the song in English, but asked his wife to write Icelandic lyrics for the song (as the rules for the Icelandic national final stated that the songs had to be in the national language).

She also talked about the tragedy of losing her husband. She explained, that he could not have been saved, even if a doctor had been right at his side. Klausen went on saying, that the lyrics of the song she had composed with her husband are about spending as much time as possible with your family as you never know what the next day will bring. She and a band member of “Sigurjón’s Friends” said it was hard to hear all the people claiming that the song only won the national final due to sympathy votes.

The song will be performed in English at Eurovision and no major changes will be made. They both said that it is very important for them that the story behind the song will be known and that Europe will get it. They don’t expect anything from the competition and just want to make one of Sigurjón’s wishes come true: To have as many people as possible listen to his music.

17 comments on “Sigurjón’s Friends Will Sing In English

  1. Pityful decision. We don’t need a song to be sung in English to be able to listen to it!

  2. And it’s “losing”, not “loosing” for God’s sake!

    • 1. Thanks for correcting me
      2. I’m not a native speaker so please understand that I make mistakes! You don’t need to go all “God’s sake” on my as*

      3. It’s Nelly Furtado’s fault, why did she have to call her album “loose” aaa. I can’t get that out of my head.

      4. You write “pitiful” like this not like this: PitYful, honey!
      Served ^^

      • Hahahaha regarding loose vs. lose, in another chatroom I corrected someone who said ‘I hope I don’t loose’ and then he said then why Nelly’s album is called Loose. I said that because she wanted that title, but it doesn’t mean the opposite of win it means the opposite of tight and someone else said because that girl is loose. :p

  3. *dropping out of my top 6 … and approaching all those cr*ps on the other side of the big gap* :( :( :(

  4. ROFL how hypocrit : make everyone sing in icelandic home (to look good on icelandic tv and media) and then let’s everyone have an english version ready (im sure they all had one ready in the final!)

    like the 2007 ok song that became “valentine” and went hugely down for me… after netherlands, a lot of songs will be changed again, which i hate i don’t mind songs in English as long as they were written in such… maye slovenia could keep it original too? anyway the same countries as usual, portugal, spain, france, serbia!

  5. We don’t need this song in English. If it’s a tribute to Sjonni then it should be in his native language.
    Unfortunately, I agree that this song only won on a sympathy vote. Magni was robbed for the wrong reasons

    • “We don’t need this song in English. If it’s a tribute to Sjonni then it should be in his native language.”

      If you read the article, he wrote the song originally in English, and only got his wife to translate to Icelandic as the rules stated. So if in honour to him, it should be sung how he intended it to be originally.

      … If we’re being pedantic about things :)

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