Greece: All Songs Presented

Greece – Last night ERT, the Greek national broadcaster, aired a special show presenting all six songs competing to represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. The songs had leaked yesterday but ERT decided not to disqualify any entries. The national final will be held in the beginning of March. An exact date has not been announced yet. Watch the performances:


  • Nikki Ponte – I don’t wanna dance
  • Lukas Yiorkas ft Stereo Mike – Watch my dance
  • Valanto Tryfonos – The time is now
  • Trihimitonio – Hamogela
  • Antegone Psychrami- It’s all Greek to me
  • Kokkina Halia – Come with me

Source= ESCToday

8 comments on “Greece: All Songs Presented

  1. You put Nikki twice, Manuelito :)

  2. ok so Kokkina has the best song and he’s cute, so i guess i’ll support him but not really, i dont like them at all… i have a bad feeling Nikki or Lukas will win anyway

  3. Kokkina has an annoying song.

    Nikki or Loukas please!!!

  4. Nikki Ponte’s THE ONLY ONE who can save this year’s Eurovision Song Contest from complete disaster. And even win it!

  5. I cant decide.. I think still the best is Trihimitonio, Loukas’ zeibekiko part is only what like at that song..and rest is nothing to write about imo

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