Blue: Performance in Malta and Promo Tour

United Kingdom – In this Saturday’s Maltese national final the British representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 performed one of their old hits “If you come back”. They visibly had some technical problems, but still sounded pretty well. It was also revealed that Blue will be visiting a number of European country to promote their entry “I can” that has not been revealed yet. The band is rumored to perform in the final of the San Remo festival in Italy and their promo tour is set to include Germany, Spain, Greece, France and Azerbaijan as well as other Eastern European countries.

Here you can watch their performance in the Maltese national final:


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8 comments on “Blue: Performance in Malta and Promo Tour

  1. They were actually quite rubbish. The song that they sang wasn’t even one of their interesting ones, just some boring song. I hope there real song is nothing like the one they sang the other day if they really do expect to receive a decent quantity of votes in the esc itself

  2. all people do is moan gets on my bloody nervs lol

  3. I’ve just watched Blue’s performance and it was fine. If these guys are able to find a decent song at least, the UK have made a good choice. I am waiting for ‘I can’ before going any further.

  4. i agree :p

  5. lol @ Blue will visit Azerbaijan!!!

    It’s nice to see that they have a promo tour!!!

  6. fair. need to use a good voice coach to tweak those vocals boys

  7. I have been listening some of their hits since it was made public that Blue would represent the UK.
    My expectations are quite high now. Anyway, it won’t be worse than last year.

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