Norway: Who Took Their Second Chance?

Norway – The Second Chance Round of the  Norwegian national selection “Melodi Grand Prix 2011″was held tonight . 6 acts will tried to take their second chance to secure a place in the national final to be held on February 12 in Oslo. Sie Gubba and The Lucky Bulltes were the lucky qualifiers.  The decision was be taken entirely by televoting.

To the final:

  • Sie Gubba – Alt du vil ha
  • The Lucky Bullets – Fire Down Below

17 comments on “Norway: Who Took Their Second Chance?

  1. no surprises, fair results, if only Noora and Isabella were given such a chance

  2. I think that Sie Gubba and The Lucky Bullets were good choices. Anyway, Aste&Rikke or Helene should go to Düsseldorf.

  3. I really can’t understand why Susperia didn’t qualify!
    To be honest.. I don’t see Norway in the final this year!

  4. Use me and Susperia deserved it more. Totally!

  5. @Sekhmet Morgan
    You may be right, but otherwise I thought that Sweden would qualified last year, as well.

    In my opinion Norway had amazing entries at their preselection last year and I have to admit that I am really disappointed nowadays.

    • i thought sweden would barely make it and die in the finale (like iceland) but it brely did not make it, not much of a difference… we have to wait for the next swedish semis to know how norway really is, they had two or three great songs, but the rest was disappointing, how will sweden be?

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