Germany: Is Lena Tired of Eurovision?

Germany – We know her with a smirk on her face, and always a cheeky answer on her lips. In a new interview we can see another Lena. A Lena tired of publicity, of people annoying her and maybe even a Lena tired of Eurovision. “After all this hurly-burly is over I would certainly like a break. That will definitely happen after Düsseldorf. After Eurovision, I want to leave Germany for a bit and at best leave Europe altogether – go somewhere where nobody knows me, “ she told the German newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel”. Then she wants to go to a café and “eat noisily and dribble. And nobody cares” Momentarily she is in Cologne (where the German preselection is held) “96 percent” of the time.

Lena thinks that she has certainly changed and can already look at what happened to her last year from a distance ” So much has happened, I have experienced, learned, saw so much. There is no other way than that I develop,” she said. “I don’t fancy being 18 for years just because the public wants to see me like that”

These remarks are quite striking. Lena was discovered through the show “Our Star for Oslo” (The German national final) at the age of 18 and just months later she won the Eurovision Song Contest. Maybe now she regrets entering the contest a second time. The 3 song selection show, her tour and then the pressure at the Eurovision Song Contest in her home country certainly demand a lot of her.
As part of the Big5 and host Germany is directly qualified for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 14
In our own pre-Eurovision competition “The Eurovision Knockout 2011” Lena will compete in Heat 8 against Poland and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Source= tagesspiegel.de

12 comments on “Germany: Is Lena Tired of Eurovision?

  1. Tired of Raab maybe?

  2. Hey writers,
    what you wrote, is out of the contex. So …
    she says, that she wants to have a time-out after the esc – because she has worked so hart in the time before and needs this for rest and
    she says, she makes a lot of experiences during the last year and therefore she grows with them, faster than others. she also says, that usually young persons are growing faster than older person, through all the new experiences they can make. That’s all and I think, she reflects that damn good.

    For all interested persons, here is the source of the columnist, who published the whole interview: http://www.haz.de/Hannover/Aus-der-Stadt/Lena-Ein-Star-fuer-Oslo-aus-Hannover/Lena-hat-keinen-Bock-darauf-jahrelang-18-zu-sein

    And by the way, everybody who is interested at lena knew all the time, that this time is the last time lena participates in esc – but she takes delight in doing this whithout pressure.
    after this she should like to test other things, even beside singing … first rest and than per example acting
    (sorry for my english, Iam from germany)

    • You obviously are a Lena fan. I just interpreted what she said…

      How do you know “but she takes delight in doing this whithout pressure.” have you talked to her in private? I know that is what she say in interviews, but there is always a pressure. If she comes last or somewhere at the Bottom it will haunt her… and she knows that very well

      • read the contex, that’s only, what I can say.

        (quotation:) ‘How do you know “but she takes delight in doing this whithout pressure” ?’

        When you believe that, what you believe to interprete out of her interview this time, than I don’t understand, why you believe, that she lies other times. Can you explain it please?

  3. I’d say this summer after her big concert tour and after winning eurovision for second time she deserves to go on vacation for a few days. :)

  4. She should remember that no one would have heard of her had she not won last year.

  5. again, for the Nth time, sending her again was a boring stupid idea, period

  6. The stress of working constantly leads to exhaustion in everyone. The body or the mind will eventually crack and the result can be permanent damage. Lena will have aged five or more years due to this experience and one can only guess what another win would do to her. It would be fair and completely understandable if she struggled to bring her best to the final this year and any statements she makes about having had enough should not be ignored.

  7. Oooh… totally NOT the time to make bad publisity, Lena… Wait until you fail for ESC first. You don’t win twice. Not gonna happen’.

    • she’s a huge star in germany, everyone knows her and obviously her label is pushing her a lot… i mean she has a tour, then eurovision…. numerous rehearsals and promo… she’s a human being and of course she needs to take a break. IMO it was a mistake to participate for the 2nd time even if the participation will help a lot the sales of her sophomore album + tour tickets sales. however it’s risky as ppl will get bored of her and she might not do well in the contest. personally i will support her no matter what and i hope she gets a top 10 result in ESC

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